It Ain’t That Hard ‘n Such

Welcome to my little blog! I’ve intended to start a new blog about the next journey in my life, in addition to my regular “Thinking Allowed? Thinking Aloud!” blog ( that talks about my experiences on-and-off.

“It Ain’t That Hard” talk about life made easy and happy. It shares my discovery that life isn’t that tough and problems aren’t that complicated IF we learn to be okay with “good enough” and count the little blessings we get.

As I’m writing this first post, I question myself when our little miracle will come. Mom said, “It will come when it does”. I’m no longer as stressed out as the first few months of trying to conceive. After exhausting all advice and tips, we’re now leaving this to fate.

My period has been late for 5 days. I dare not take any pregnancy test yet for fear of another disappointment. There are strong signs of impending menstruation though – dizziness, pain in lower abdomen, mood swing etc. Maybe we’ll wait for another week and see how it goes.

But I know I’ll be up and bouncing again soon even if it’s just another false alarm. Because this has occured several times. Because if it doesn’t happen now, there are definitely some blessings lined up for us. Like I’ll get to spend more quality time with my hubby and furkid, go for facial and manicure/pedicure session as and when I desire, indulge in a holiday when it comes a calling, and eat out whenever and wherever we want.  

I have a great husband, a loving furkid, a supportive family, a stable career and a balance in life and work.  What’s more to ask for?


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