My Body’s Got A Roommate!

Monday, 27 July 2009 was my first visit to the gynae. To ease the anxiousness as first-time parents, second sister accompanied me and hubby during this session. We consulted her regular gynae, Dr Catherine Loo Ee Ching, a partnering gynae at Assunta Hospital along Jalan Selangor. The whole experience was pretty daunting, with lots of information to digest. I found out that I’m 4-5 weeks along, and my sac is the size of a tiny pea.

Our 1st gynae check
Our 1st gynae check

Dr Loo first asked about my family history, allergies, pregnancy symptoms and date of last period. Then I was quickly ushered to a bed where she conducted an ultrasound on my abdomen. Steve and I were shocked and glanced at each other the moment Dr Loo said, “I’m not sure if I’m seeing one or two now.” As the sac was still too small, nothing could be detected. To confirm a pregnancy, Dr Loo did a transvaginal ultrasound on me. Albeit uncomfortable, I was amused to see my uterus on screen and began to panick when the doctor surprised me again by saying, “I’m not sure if I can see a pregnancy here”.  It was probably a game of hide-and-seek as moments later, the doctor detected a pea-sized circle, which according to her, was a good sign for a 4-week sac. I forgot to ask for a print-out of the scan, unfortunately.

Vitamins to keep me going
Vitamins to keep me going

After giving my urine sample to check for any infections, I was given an injection and 15-min vitamins drip to support my pregnancy.  The total damage? A hefty RM635.25 and that was just the very beginning! We left the clinic with a bottle of Flavettes Vitamin C, probiotics, a packet of multi-vitamins and a pack of Duphaston.

On the way home after informing my boss of a 3-day MC, I picked up a book from Popular – What To Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel – to kick start my journey to motherhood. As for The Complete Idiot’s Guide, I got it last January at a great bargain!

Our guidance for the next 9 months
Our guidance for the next 9 months

18 thoughts on “My Body’s Got A Roommate!

  1. grc

    hi, im planning to go for a check up under dr catherine loo, how is she as a dr? and apart for the first 600 bucks that u paid, how much is her regular check up and delivery charges? i want to make sure shes an ok dictor as im quite fragile when pregnant, spottings and etc. hope u can share some info 🙂

  2. abgp

    so how’s your pregnancy after giving you duphaston and did you continue your subsequent consultation with her? she’s also my ob-gyne and she’s giving me duphaston if my period is not coming. may i know what you replied to grc?

  3. ella

    i would like to know your experience with dr loo..did you continue with the consultation?i am a foreigner and i want to make sure to have a good dr.

  4. wapha

    Hi, im planning to see Dr. Catherine. I want to clarify her delivery fees and other charges? Hoping to go Assuntha Hospital..And as a doctor hows she according to you?

  5. helen

    Hi, i am planning to see Dr. Catherine. i also want to know How is the consultation and what is her delivery charges and normal consultation fees?

  6. theresa wee

    Hi, I am planning to visit Dr Catherine Loo after a recommendation from a friend. Do you have her private clinic address? Thanks.

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Theresa, thanks for dropping by. From what I know, Dr Catherine Loo has retired and no longer receiving babies. My sister told me this when she gave birth under her care three years ago. I’m sorry I don’t know further details as I only consulted her once. If you would like the contact of another great obstetrician, please email me 🙂

    1. Hi Julie, I’m keen to share more with you. However I can’t seem to find your email address here. Please do email me under “Contact me” for more details. Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  7. Jo

    Hi Joey, I am a patient of dr Loo. May I ask what your experience is with her? I have reservations and on the fence about changing doctors because she performed an operation on me. Thank you

  8. Chong

    Hi, Joey,I am plan to see Dr. Catherine. How is the consultation and what is her delivery charges and normal consultation fees?

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