Spreading The Joy

Four days before discovering that I am actually expecting, I have just completed a course of 5-day antibiotics for bacteria infection, which according to Wikipedia, aren’t safe for consumption by pregnant women. I have been feeling cramps like menstrual pain for the past one week, so I didn’t suspect anything amiss. Until the pregnancy is stable or at least certified by a gynae that everything is OK, we decided to keep the good news among close relatives and friends only. I’m still very worried as this point, though I know it’s wiser to take it easy.  

Besides my hubby, eldest sister was the first to know as I needed someone to consult on what to do next. I couldn’t contain the excitement and shared the news with Nancy via email. She was my university coursemate back in Melbourne and we’ve been keeping in touch ever since graduation, saw each other got married and starting a family. 

Steve kindly made me a nutritious dessert to drink on Sunday, 26 July 2009 and being a first-time mom-to-be, I wasn’t sure what I could eat and whatnot. So I shared the news with Mom, who was, at that time, in the same car with the rest of the family including Dad, 2nd sister, brother-in-laws, nephews and nieces.

Soon, the news spread to my boss and colleague Michelle as I was given a 3-day bedrest MC by my gynae. I broke the news to the next-door aunty too when her one-year old grandson wanted me to carry him and I had to decline gently due to some superstitions which I felt should be adhered to rather than not. We’ve planned to tell Steve’s Dad and Aunt Emily face-to-face next weekend but since almost all the VIPs have known, we thought it would only be fair if they know too. So we did.

I can’t wait to announce the joy to the world once the baby’s heart beat is detected and IF I can keep my mouth shut throughout the 1st trimester.

Next on the to-do list is to take lots of rest and think of what to do with my work uniform which is getting uncomfortably tighter and tighter by days.


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