The Curse is Gone!

It’s proven – we are NOT barren! Steve’s swimmers can swim any strokes and my eggs are young and lovely! After a week-long bouts of tiredness, metallic taste on my tongue, frequent bowel movement up to 4 times a day and on-and-off abdominal cramps, we finally decided to take THE test. We should have done it earlier but I procrastinated, for I neither felt pregnant nor was ready for another round of disappointment. In fact, of all months of trying to conceive, this month felt the least pregnant to me.

After a family dinner and consulting with my two experienced sisters, I decided to find out the truth. It was Saturday evening of 25 July 2009 at around 11.10pm when I nonchalantly peed on the Guardian test stick without any much expectations. The absorbent tip was gradually drenched, moving from the cottonish tip to the first square window (test zone) and finally, the oval window (control zone). Within seconds, a clear blue line quickly appeared on the square window first, something which has never happened  before throughout our seven months of baby-making efforts.  At the same time, the line in the oval window, indicating the test has been conducted correctly, appeared too. I didn’t believe my eyes and quickly checked the pregnancy kit manual. Two lines means pregnant and one line means not pregnant….this is our miracle! 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw two lines!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw two lines!

I was so speechless no words could come out of my throat to shout out for Steve, who was downstairs at that time. Quickly (and carefully), I ran downstairs and shoved the test stick to him with a big grin on my face. It was a moment of indescribable joy and excitement. Still not believing our luck, Steve asked, “does two lines mean we’re pregnant?”. In case my eyes were seeing double or maybe being too hopeful, we ran upstairs to recheck the instructions and explanations on the guide. It’s POSITIVE. We hugged, kissed and began snapping moments of our next love chapter.

The joyous parents-to-be
The joyous parents-to-be

To me, the moment was akin to how I felt the evening Steve proposed to me at The Saujana. To Steve, he said the feelings resembled the excitement and anxiousness on the morning of our wedding day.


It's REALLY positive!
It's REALLY positive!
The next day, I took another test just to be more sure. It’s indeed POSITIVE. We’re becoming mommy and daddy!

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