First Tears

I have been gynae shopping for the past few days. Well, sort of. It was more of to determine if the antibiotics I’ve consumed a few days before discovering about my pregnancy will bring any bad effects to the little one. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2009 was as a stressful day for us. This day also marked the first tears I’ve shedded for the little growing one inside me. After finding out the exact names of antibiotics, I called my then-gynae. To my dismay, she warned that pregnant ladies are not supposed to take Flagyl and Clindamycin at all as they put the baby’s health at risk. I do not want to mention the exact words she mentioned as the thought of it freaked me out. I was then asked to consider the worst.

Minutes after my phone conversation with her, I cried uncontrollably. Odee, my 20-month old Maltese, came and sat beside me upon hearing my sobs.  It’s amazing how compassionate dogs can be. I called my eldest sister, mom and a friend to seek for advice. All of them thought that I should get a second opinion.

So I did. We visited Dato’ Dr Ang at Megah Specialist Centre that evening. It was a huge relief when he assured me that there’s nothing to worry about. He further explained that my sac is growing normally inside the womb, at the right spot, measuring about the size of a 10 sen coin. Steve and I were very relieved to hear it.

As I was still given time off from work today and still feeling a little unsure, I decided to visit the gynae who prescribed me the antibiotics. After more than an hour’s wait, I was finally in Dr Noor Aini’s room at Sunway Medical Centre. Knowing that I’ve been worried about this for a few days due to the incessant calls I’ve made to her clinic, she quickly whipped out her medicine-related books and explained that the drugs given are classified under Category B, which is safe for expectant mothers as well as occasionally used to treat bacterial vaginosis among pregnant women. If left untreated, this bacteria may rupture the membrane and cause pre-term labour or miscarriage. She gave me a quick scan and I was kindly given a picture of my little sac, measuring an exact 8.7mm.

Little dot measures 8.7mm at 5 weeks
Little dot measures 8.7mm at 5 weeks

I walked out of the hospital with an immense feeling of relief, with a heart so contented and ready to enjoy my pregnancy to the fullest!

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One thought on “First Tears

  1. happybrunette23

    Hi Luan,

    I am glad that you shared your thoughts about ttc and pregnancy stories. I am writing to you because I’ve shared the same feeling when I visited Dr. Noor Aini of SJMC/Ramsey medial centre she’s currently working there (previous of Sunway medical centre). I had two consult with her 20/oct, 28/oct 2014, and one over the phone 30/oct, and she’s nothing short of a bearer of bad news. Plus she’s not professional at all. She’s not my first choice though, I was making an appointment for DR.SITI but the operator told me only Dr. Noor Aini was available.

    Dr. Noor Aini prescribed me with Norculut to induce menstrual on 20/oct (1st visit), she advised me not to take the medication without her phone call and she promised to call that day.She also told me to do bloodwork, ultrasound and pap smear that day. She did not that call back on the 20th. I tried calling her office, like you did, and no one picked up, I even called the operator asking them to call me back.

    1 week went by without news. Not only the follow up phone call was non-existent, it was the 90 minutes wait on the 28th/oct (2nd visit) that made me feel frustrated. I just came in to get an update on my lab and blood work, and after finally going into her office after waiting so long she gave me 3 options and ask me to pick one option for treatment. I asked her about these options and she couldn’t really assure me of the best option. I don’t think she knows what she’s doing. All I know is that she kept on pushing me and my husband to do semen analysis and HSG. What does fertility treatment have anything to do with hormonal imbalance? I was not trying to conceive in the first place. My ultrasound, blood work and pap smear turn out fine (thx god).

    It was merely hormonal imbalance. I asked Dr. Noor Aini if there was anything I could do personally to balance out my hormones, she looked at me with cold eyes and said sternly “there’s nothing you can do” and just picked Norcolut as an answer. This medicine is only to induce period and not to fix the long term problem. Plus she said there is nothing I COULD DO to FIX MYSELF. This is the meanest answer I’ve ever heard. I felt like crying and I was looking at my husband all the time for reassurance.

    It’s a small chemical imbalance of the body, of course there is a solution! I’ve read extensively online that the human body goes through chemical ups and downs all the time, even when the cells divide (fertilization) the first few hours, when teenagers have hormonal surge with puberty, when mothers are pregnant, when women have menopause… these all normal. SHE DIDN’T MAKE ME FEEL NORMAL, she made me feel like there’s something wrong with me!

    No.1 I was uncomfortable with picking options because I didn’t know what my condition was. Dr. Noor Aini did not make any conclusive diagnosis of my condition. Which brings me to think there’s no condition but hormonal imbalance she made my period stop for 2 months.

    No.2 I never heard of a professional OBGYN that give options except for birth control and fertility treatment once diagnosis is known. I just wanted my period back you see, I don’t want to know anything else. She doesn’t have conclusive diagnosis of my condition and kept pushing me to have more fertility test.

    After not getting any good answers for Dr. Noor Aini, I walked out of room 412 feeling very sad. After making self payment ( the hospital bill came to rm 750 for pap smear, blood work, lab, semen analysis) me and my husband went to make official complain to the hospital on the 28th/oct 2014.

    I wish with all my heart I never went to this hospital and never met this evil OBGYN (Dr. Noor Aini) of room 412.

    I know I will recuperate, and I know I made the right decision for not taking any of her prescribed medications because I know that she does not have her patients conditions as priority. I choose to be proactive and shop for other OBGYN and read more on blogs/forums for reference. Because of this evil OBGYN, I now have a certain criteria and standard when picking my next OBGYN.

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