Hello Baby!

Dear Baby Chua,

Mommy is so excited to have you! This Friday will be our second visit to Dr and mommy can’t wait to see how much you’ve progressed since the past 1 week. You’ve been wonderful to mommy, not giving mommy much discomfort to date. For that, mommy is forever grateful.

Mommy’s waistline has expanded to the extent that I can no longer wear my work uniform, which is good because it’s hideous and uncomfortable anyways. What are you doing in there, by the way? Mommy don’t see much changes physically though, just a little, almost unnoticeable bump and getting tighter clothes. Mommy’s boobs have grown a lot too, and I’m liking it! Oh, although you’re pea-size small, you’re also good in taking care of Mommy ya….waking me up by 9am on weekends to have breakfast. You must be an early bird like Daddy!

Mommy’s hair has been shinier and softer too, must be from the magic you’re creating from inside out. I hope you enjoy the healthy food mommy has been trying to take – more veges and fruits, no more teh tarik for mommy.

This week, mommy has also made a commitment to take control of my mind, not to worry excessively and focus on NOW! I read that too much of stress and anxiety during pregnancy, which was what mommy had been feeling for the past 2 weeks ever since we discovered your presence, isn’t good for you after birth. Mommy definitely wants the best for you. No more negative thoughts or unnecessary fears! No more researching on all the frightening rare problems that may arise. Let’s work together and enjoy our ‘symbiosis’ to the fullest ok?

Besides, mommy doesn’t doubt and know you’re growing just well and strong, protected all the time by the Protective Devas. We’re tough people after all! Right now, mommy can’t wait to feed you with even more nutritious food, hear your first heartbeat and go shopping for you….your cot, carseat, gorgeous clothes etc.

Mommy reads you the soothing verse every morning and night. I have yet to memorise the exact words but it goes something like this….May I be protected and may the child I have conceived be healthy and strong. May we have the courage and strength to forbear all sufferrings, if any. May we be well and happy. May my child be protected…

Grow strong and healthy. If you need any nutrients, send the signals to mommy ok?


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