First Heartbeat…Detected!

We went to the Doctor’s yesterday for our routine check-up. After a 45-minute wait, we were called in. Doctor quickly whisked me to the bed for ultrasound check. Lil’ Chua has grown much bigger from our last scan. At 8 weeks 1 day, Lil’ Chua’s first heartbeat was detected. I was so amazed the moment Doctor pointed to the rapid blinking dot. Daddy, who was standing next to me, was suddenly speechless too.  It was a moment of joy and gratefulness. Doctor mentioned the estimated due date is 28 March 2010.

The past 2 weeks (and still) have been nothing but rounds of exhaustion. Waking up in the morning is the hardest. Although I go to sleep at around 10.30pm everyday, getting more than my usual 8 hours, I still feel like as if I have just ran a marathon the day before. Then there were the 2-3 times of toilet visits throughout the night. People say it’s probably nature’s way of preparing moms-to-be in waking up for night feeds when baby comes along. Well, I guess that’s fair enough!

I’m grateful that I’ve also been blessed with the appetite to eat and enjoy my food. Like Muslims who pray 5 times a day, I EAT 5 times (frequently more) a day instead! There are lots of munching sessions in between as the emptiness in my tummy when I’m hungry is unbearable and makes me grumpy. I guess my colleagues Thera and Michelle who sit beside me have gotten immuned to my complaints of “I’m hungry / I’m starving!” at 10.30am and 4.00pm everyday.  

I have craved for tofu dish, soya bean milk, char siew pau and 1901 hot dog sandwich and most seriously in the must-have list is my Mom’s cooking especially vegetables rice, chilli fried fish, pig stomach soup and fried minced pork egg, which I’ve yet to fulfill. Perhaps tomorrow when Daddy returns from Malacca with take-aways of Grandma’s specialties.

Baby…stay good, healthy and strong ya!


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