Careful or Confident?

I visited Dr Confident today for a second opinion on what my regular gynae, Dr Careful, suspected the other day. A very approachable doctor, I’ve grown to like his humour and don’t-worry attitude. The minute I sat down in front of him, he said, “So apa macam? Got vomit or not?” and laughed. A good way to start a friendly session.

Contrary to Dr Careful, Dr Confident is very sure and daring. So assured he doesn’t seem to think twice about poking me with his tools although Dr Careful has avoided probing my womb for the past few visits until at least my second trimester.  He’s very funny too, saying “Can you see your baby’s hearbeat? Got or not? Nehhh, here…can see? Thereeeee…!”

Dr Confident doesn’t think I have what Dr Careful mentioned. He agreed that my womb shape may not look that normal but there’s nothing to worry about. After harassing him with the same question of “Should I be worried, Doctor?” for three times, he still nonchalantly answered “no”. And the next follow-up? In 4 week’s time, as opposed to Dr Careful who wants to see me every 2-3 weeks. Additionally, Dr Confident quickly treated me as soon as I mentioned a possible infection while Dr Careful preferred to stay put and avoid medications until it really worsens.

I’m in a dilemma. We’ll need to settle down with a gynae soon but who do I go with? In terms of charges, both are almost similar. Dr Careful charges a slightly more expensive consultation fee but the delivery charges in the future will be cheaper than Dr Confident’s hospital. On the other hand, Dr Confident’s consultation fee is cheaper but hospital bills in his hospital are more expensive. Both doctors’ fee and hospital bills will come up to almost the same amount. Hence, costs is not an issue here.

Who do you go with when one is confident while another is careful? The former has overseas credentials while the latter studied and practised locally. Both came recommended by friends. Perhaps we should go to both doctors for another round of check-up and see how it goes from there.  Or should we stick to one from now on?

What do you think, my siao bao bei? Which doctor do you prefer to bring you into the world?

Oh, according to Dr Confident, my new due date is 6 April 2010, a week later than Dr Careful’s calculation.


One thought on “Careful or Confident?

  1. Nancy

    I don’t think I am the best person to give you any advice on choosing your obstretician. For me, I went to four different doctors and constantly switching between these four until I’m about five months along. I too, had a hard time choosing my gynae. The first gynae is a male middle age with lots of experience and credibility but not very friendly. The other one is a female gynae with not less experience but very patience and friendly and very positive. At the end, I chosed the latter one as I do not want a cranky gynae to deliver my baby.

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