How Does It Feel to Have A Life Growing Inside You?

That’s a question I’ve never failed to ask friends who were pregnant before me. Right until my own turn, I’ve always believed that pregnancy is an all-time enjoyable process. Now, I doubt those who told me they loved every second of their pregnancy. 

Albeit embracing every moment of growing Lil’ Chua inside me now, I can’t help but to agree with the occasional discomforts too. Pregnancy to me is:

  • Big, swollen and super sensitive boobs
  • Hunger every 2 hours (on the dot, not more, not less) 
  • Extreme nauseousness when I am starving
  • People get morning sickness, I get night sickness. Lil’ Chua often starts working his/her magic as soon as Mommy signs off from work
  • Lots of gas and heartburn + a feeling of awkward emptiness in upper tummy
  • Pimples on my chest (thanks Mrs Progesterone for not uglyfying my face YET!)
  • Exhaustion, tiredness, keletihan….
  • The feeling that the lower half of my body is heavier…not sure if it’s physchologically induced
  • Fear of everything, from baby’s health and dusty work table to “will the pressure put on by my doc when using ultrasound tool squash my baby?” and “will my constant worrying make my baby a worrisome person?”

It’s not all bad, of course! I would like to believe there are more positives than negatives:

  • Being treated like a queen by hubby, giving in to my whims and fancies, including waking up earlier to buy me nasi lemak from Petronas
  • Sleeping so soundly every night, although I get dreams ocassionally especially after watching a movie or reading a book
  • Wanting to eat everything and anything under the sun, even thinking about it when I’m lying awake on the bed at night, although at the same time, food sometimes turn me off so badly I couldn’t even stand its sight in the form of pictures in newspaper
  • Highly sensitive sense of smell, which means I know when my furkid needs a bath, who in the office is using extremely strong perfume and when my house needs a thorough clean-up. I can even smell my hubby’s sweat from a mile away!
  • Not having to do housework *woot*
  • The radiant “oohs” and “ahhs” when I inform friends/colleagues of my pregnancy
  • Nutritious soup delivered to my house by mom and eldest sister!
  • Sleeping in late on weekends and not feeling a tinge of guilt
  • Feeling the occasional “pull” on my lower abdomen – I’d like to believe it’s Lil’ Chua moving though that’s not possible at such early stage…

I’ll post up recent pictures taken in the next post….


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