Baby Goes Wiggly!

I have been waiting for today since the past 3 weeks. This is the day baby will be scanned with a 4D ultrasound for the first time ever. That means clearer visual, better view and the possibility of hearing his/her heartbeat!

Baby snuggling up comfortably
Baby snuggling up comfortably

As we were ushered into the dedicated ultrasound room, I was asked to lie on a bed with my skirt lifted up (of course!). Diagonally on top of the bed is the monitor screen which will ‘broadcast’ the scan. As Dr Careful moved the tool around, we could see baby’s complete body frame. As Dr Careful gently navigated the tool around my lower abdomen, we suddenly noticed a quick movement. Probably knowing that he was being watched, the little acrobat decided to flail his/her arms and legs and doing somersaults worthy of Cirque du Soleil. Definitely an attention seeker! Daddy laughed while I couldn’t stop grinning…this is beyond amazement.   

Then, Dr Careful switched on the speaker for us to hear baby’s heartbeat. My my… baby’s heartbeat is pounding so fast (around 168) and rhythmic it sounded like the groovy boom-boom-booms at Ministry of Sound 🙂

“Be careful of what you wish for.” That’s what mom said when I voiced out my concern about having rather mild

Week 11 - 2D
Week 11 - 2D

morning sickness. Well, true enough, my vomiting bouts began since Sunday after our trip back from Malacca. Must be the yummy ‘ang ku kueh’ I had before that. Since then, I couldn’t keep my food down. It felt like as if my body released a balloon of gas into my digestive system and left it there without any plans of letting it exit…just stuck there and kept pushing whatever I consumed back into my mouth. The only thing that made me feel better is sleep and more sleep.  

I’m feeling better today. At least I could keep my food down and not worry about throwing up anywhere. My deepest sympathy + empathy goes to those pregnant ladies who have to go through this for a couple of months. I’m so proud of you all!


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