And The Vomiting Continues…

I had a rather awkward start to the day yesterday. Feeling rather weak and bloated, I gulped down a glass of Milo and a tuna sandwich before heading for work. Going through the dailies, the ink smell from newspapers suddenly became really repulsive. Minutes later, I ran into the restroom and within seconds of reaching one of the toilet cubicles, I threw up everything I’ve taken that morning. Not sure who was in the cubicle next to me but I was very sure she must have freaked out to hear someone puking out. The toilet was in such a mess I felt bad for the cleaner and started hosing down the chunks of tuna on the floor. There was vomit on my shoes and legs as well.

I’ve never been this clumsy and messy since childhood.  Feeling like a walking tuna fish and not having any spare stockings or shoes in the office, I asked for permission to work from home. My boss, being her usual understanding and empathetic self, agreed and I was on my way home. Odee was nonetheless, delighted to see my early arrival.

Despite having a smelly start to the day, I ended the day with a really productive one where I managed to complete all 3 assignments I’ve set my goals on that day – all within the comforts of home 🙂


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