Scent & Senses

When pregnancy hormones surge, so do our sense of smell – at least for me. I hope it’s not psychological (and I still believe it’s not), but from the moment I discovered a room mate residing in my body, my smell sense became so efficient it would put an airport sniff dog to shame. It was so bad I had to change our body shampoo because I thought Steve reeked of a fishmonger odour after using the old one. I even had to put aside my favourite Annick Goutal fragrance that Steve bought for me just 2 weeks before finding out about our pregnancy and go fragrance-less at work.

My biggest problem now is perfume intoxification. Dear Lord, I still pray to you that my one particular colleague who loves wearing strong, intoxicating, floral fragrant will soon realise that her perfume is making me sick and worsening my nauseousness. Please Lord, let her come to her senses that her fragrant is actually turning my tummy upside down, pushing up my food back to the throat and distracting from work. I’m on the verge of telling and pleading her but how do I do it without offending her? Oh Master, may I have the courage tomorrow.

Of late, I discovered something I’ve never realised before this. It’s actually tough for pregnant ladies to dine out, especially in public food court and hawker stalls area, without having to endure of health-risking smoke from inconsiderate ‘chimneys’. I’m never a smoker myself and didn’t really mind smokers polluting the air previously but ever since having a little person growing inside me, I’ve become more conscious about what I eat, drink, do and inhale.  It’s a brand new lease of life for the little one after all and hence, he/she deserves the best beginning. Second hand smoker is just not what I had in mind for my baby. 

So these days, when we dine out, I always make sure that we sit around non-smoking area, away from those suicidal people. And if that’s not possible, I’ll check and scan for smokers/cigarette pack/lighter at the nearby tables before settling down. There was once we had to shift to another table several times because every now and then, one of these inconsiderate jerks will whip up their suicide stick. I can’t wait for my tummy to grow and look pregnant so at least, and maybe, these people will be more understanding (I hope!!).


3 thoughts on “Scent & Senses

  1. fabicia

    hey babe, i used to bring along “vicks inhaler” with me to office, cos i cant stand other people’s parfum too! oh… talking about that, i cant take garlic smell anymore, poor fabian gotta fry all the vege with ikan bilis (for calcium) instead!

    1. joeyllhow

      I thought of that as well but a friend advised me not to use Vicks inhaler or anything like Yoko-Yoko during pregnancy, that’s why I just endured for a while until I couldn’t bear it anymore. Anyways, I’ve moved to another desk temporarily 🙂

  2. fabicia

    oh ya, i changed my mosturizer, toothpaste (to pureen for maternity), body shampoo and body lotion too!!! like i told you before, i cant take the smell of pelmer’s cocoa butter too!

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