Tackling Discomforts

It is terribly ironic that after spending so much time trying to get pregnant, going through so much stress and asking “why?” every month after my menses arrive, I now really dread the feeling of being pregnant. Am I just hard to please or do all mom-to-be’s feel the same? 


Week 14 and I’m still nauseous…still feeling like throwing up all the time. Today’s condition is accompanied by quick and intense pain at my lower abdomen. Trying my best not to complain and be grateful (which I still very much am!), praying that the discomfort will phase out soon…so I can enjoy my pregnancy like how every 2nd trimester pregnant woman should. My mind’s wondering, is the infection back again? I’ve been feeling the frequent urgency to pee, sometimes feeling light-headed, slight itch but no discharge. Or is this another false alarm like the other time? I pity my doctors. 

Other than that, baby’s most happy and cooperative when we go for walks, especially weekend strolls at shopping mall. I usually don’t mind staying at home doing nothing on weekends but it seems the opposite for baby. I feel sick and nauseous when I stay at home for too long but as soon as we reach a shopping mall, the miracle of complete comfort begins instantly. That also happens after I eat some really good (and more pricey) food or wanton mee.

Lately, I’ve also discovered an extreme liking for Ribena, the blackcurrant drink. I like it so much it became my comfort drink…no drinks ever tasted so heavenly! It’s not even my all-time Dome’s chocolate shake or the expensive Moet…And I think I may be having my first food craving….of all things, I’m dreaming of pan-fried or steamed cod fish. Trying to turn a blind eye on this AT THE MOMENT 🙂

This little fella sure has a mind of his/her own. He/she knows very well what he/she fancies…AND doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer :))


3 thoughts on “Tackling Discomforts

  1. Your baby could be a girl then, because she feels comfortable in a shopping mall. Either that, or you should start cleaning up your house, hahahah..

    Congrats once again 🙂

  2. Agree! I feel more sick staying at home… tho I love staying home ( no need to spend too much $$$) … somehow shopping lights up the life in me! Just can’t wait for the 24-hours MS to wear off soon…. like now, please.

    1. joeyllhow

      Thank you for visiting my blog, May Yee! And congrats on your pregnancy! Glad to know another mom-to-be. Let’s share-share tips!

      At Week 11, I was still all excited until the morning sickness came. But each time I puked, I comforted myself by saying that my body’s working really hard to keep baby healthy and strong. It’s all worth it, especially when you feel the first kick! Hang in there ya…

      P/S: Feel better coz at Week 20, I still puke once in a while, especially whenever I tire myself out.

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