Gaining weight…NOT!

I’ve been feeling sudden twitches on my lower abdomen today. Is it bub or is it just my womb expanding? Can’t be bub doing his stunts in there as I’m only supposed to feel movements from Week 18 onwards.

Week 15 and things are looking better. Probably bub knows there’s an upcoming trip this weekend Mommy has been looking forward too SO badly. Nauseousness only occurs when I’m hungry.

My weight is still 47.7kg as of my last check at the doctor’s last week (with a full meal). Feeling a little worried about this as I think I’m supposed to be gaining more than that. My pre-pregnancy weight was around 46kg. I do eat; nauseousness and vomiting have taught me to take only small portions each time but more regularly. I feel better that way. Physically, I look almost the same except with the a slight baby bump. My boss came to me and asked, “is everything OK with you? Why are you still so skinny?!” Not good!  

Bub oh bub….if you’re a girl, it’s alright to be as petite as Mommy. but if you’re a boy and has a small frame, man you’re going to have trouble finding a girlfriend next time….


3 thoughts on “Gaining weight…NOT!

  1. Joey,

    FYI, my pre-pregnancy weight was 45kg all the way maintained since Form 5 no matter how much I ate…

    And then I got pregnant… And I got scolded by my 2nd gynae for not eating alot… then he told hubby to stuff me with food and FULL CREAM milk… But gynae also said I cannot gained more than 12kg cos if my baby too heavy, I’d have to deliver via C-sect cos of my small body frame.. I was 56kg when I delivered my boy.

    Now, almost 8mths after, I am back at 45kg… thanks to exclusively breastfeeding (I am still!) and my ever active boy la… 😛 (FYI, I lost 10kg in 2 weeks after delivery)

    1. joeyllhow

      Oh, we’re almost the same size. I was wondering what’s an ideal total weight gain during pregnancy. As of my last check, I’ve gained around 2.7kg from pre-pregnancy weight. And now with the blood sugar problem, don’t think I can eat as much as I would like to.

      Ya, I heard breastfeeding is a good way to lose weight as well :)) So lucky you get to go back to your pre-pregnancy weight! Your hubby must be proud…

      1. My 2nd gynae told me for my body frame size, should not gain more than 12kg, if more than that, baby too big will need to C-sect. Duno how he can tell lah, but luckily gained 11kg hahahahah…

        Breastfeeding can help reduce weight faster but I also heard that once you stopped breastfeeding, the weight will come back… so far cannot tell you about it since I’m still breastfeeding heheheh… 🙂

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