Thoughtful Little Ones

My memory has been extremely poor lately; bub must be using my brain cells to think of the next ground-breaking idea to win a Pulitzer’s. So I’d better jot this down before I forget.

My favourite nephew, 5 year-old Ronan, initiated a conversation with me when I visited him lately:

Ronan: Ayi, since you have a baby, you must not simply eat anything ok?
Me: Is it? Cannot eat what?
Ronan: Um…um….century eggs!
Me: Why?
Ronan: Um…I don’t know….
Me: So what else can’t I eat?
Ronan: Um……I can’t remember. 

My heart melted instantly. When sister had no idea where he learned this. Must have been eavesdropping on adults’ conversation.  This special little man (I named him!) has never failed to touch my heart since young. Even as a toddler, he would drop everything he was doing to soothe me each time I pretended to cry. I’ve never met any boys his age this sensitive and thoughtful before.

His younger brother, 2 1/2 year-old Rayden, is equally adorable. Contrary to his brother, Rayden is more bold, independent and strong headed. When he saw me the other day, he boldly pointed at my tummy and said, “Ayi, inside got baby ah?”. He then shoved an avocado to me and said, “Ayi, this is for your baby” and gave the sweetest smile. I was feeling extremely lousy that day but the visit made my day.

This is another funny incident with a curious, 8 year-old girl. Ern Hong (EH) is my in-laws’ neighbour’s daughter in Malacca. My late mother-in-law took care of her since baby and she has grown very attached to the family ever since. Every now and then when we return to Malacca, she will definitely run over to our house and spend some time here. Steve calls her my BFF. So we had a chat last weekend and here’s how it goes:

EH: You don’t look pregnant at all! I think I look more pregnant than you! (she’s round and proud of it)
Me: Well, I guess I’ll just have to eat as much as you…
EH: I don’t eat a lot, you know. I just take lots of sugary food.
Me: Uhmm, are you asking me to eat lots of sugary food? 
EH: <Giggles> So, you have a baby in your tummy?
Me: Yes, that’s right.
EH: So, Koko Steve planted a seed inside you?
Me: Um hmm…
EH: Just like how a seed is planted and then grows into a plant?
Me: Yes, something like that…
<Long silence>
Me: If you’re planning to ask me how Koko Steve planted the seed in me, don’t.
EH: Chehhhh…I already know! My mommy told me the story already. <Giggles>

I love children’s innocence and thoughtfulness.


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