Bubbly Bub

My little tenant has begun to make his presence noticed. I first felt bub’s movement in my tummy at Week 16 Day 3. It was late at night when I was already half asleep and Steve came to bed, mumbled something to me and placed his palm on my tummy. Out of a sudden, I felt a swift flip at my lower abdomen, as if a big bubble just brushed past my inner skin. This was the first sensation I’ve ever experienced and I was quite sure it was bub’s work. He must be thrilled with the sudden warmth from Daddy’s palm. Steve couldn’t feel it, unfortunately.

These days, the somersaults, flailing and wriggling become more frequent and consistent, especially in the mornings and evenings. It’s funny how bub moves together with me whenever I switch my sleeping position. There was once during my afternoon nap when I felt an enormous bubble moving around and stopped at the right side of my womb. Must be one of bub’s legs or butt stuck there as when poked, it was hard.

This definitely beats heartburn, morning sickness, an aching back, migraine and some of the other hallmarks of my pregnancy symptoms.


8 thoughts on “Bubbly Bub

  1. Ya… I remember feeling the first flutter at 4mths+… then it gets stronger at each month… and about 6mths onwards, my Benjamin starts hiccuping every now and then (fyi, hiccups are normal) and you can see my tummy jiggle here and there… and then 7mths onwards, you get kinda difficult going to sleep with the big and heavy tummy and its not helping when your baby sleeps at midnite and likes to perform his nightly ritual of kicking his mummy’s tummy (ALWAYS & ONLY on my left side) before going to sleep…

    Ahhh… the joys of pregnancy! Enjoy it!!!!

    Cos one day, you will forget about it until someone mention it then your memories will come back… 🙂

  2. Sometimes I wonder if I should be reading such detailed descriptions because they scare me. And you know what a scaredy cat I am. And I have an amazingly low threshold for pain.


    1. joeyllhow

      It’s not painful or scary la, woman! It has been an amazing, miraculous journey so far (except for morning sickness ler). When your time comes, you’ll love every second of it (again, except for morning sickness if you do get).

    1. joeyllhow

      Don’t worry or be sad, every pregnancy is different for everyone. Some people only feel it between Week 18 – 20, some later. You’ll know it when baby gives you his/her first kick…..*heyaaaakkk…!!*

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