Lessons In The Womb

Dear Darling Bub,

For the past two days, you’ve probably been hearing the sounds of “thump, thump, thump” for an hour every morning and evening. No, mommy isn’t trying to instill a monk’s, carpenter’s or house contractor’s instincts in you. What you’re hearing is the sounds from the BabyPlus device that mimics the maternal heartbeat. Grandma has heard many good things about it and wants us to be the first in the family to try it out. Just like how she decided to send mommy to an English-educated school last time, unlike your aunts and uncles who all went to Chinese schools. Look at what mommy has become today! Not bad, huh?

BabyPlus is a pre-natal education system that rolls out a series of 16 naturally-derived, mother’s heartbeat-like sounds; these rhythms increases as pregnancy progresses. The sounds stimulate your brain to learn the skills of thinking and analysing the difference between them and my heartbeat. It claims to benefit you in terms of you’ll be more ready to nurse, more relaxed and alert at birth, able to self-soothe, has increased intellectual abilities and more.

BabyPlus Web

I’m not sure if you like it or not, but you sure kick and move a lot whenever mommy plays the BabyPlus. Mommy sees this as a good sign. Tonight ya?

P/S: Just so if you think I’m a crazy, kiasu mommy and use this against me when you’re older, no I’m not πŸ™‚ Grandma gave us this as a gift and what’s the harm of trying when all that I’ve heard (too) are benefits?


7 thoughts on “Lessons In The Womb

    1. joeyllhow

      Ya, I read your post on that before. Hopefully it really works with my baby :-))

      By the way, I actually sent you an email to gmail regarding pre-natal courses at Jenlia. Did you receive it? Was just wondering if you attended, how much was it and was the experience worth it?

  1. Hi Joey,

    So sorry, the email address I provided when I left you this comment was actually used for my online store blog. Anyway, already replied to your question.

    You email me using the other email address I gave you ya, that one faster response cos I’m on MSN everyday (but also depends on my naughty boy got disturb his mummy or not, else cannot reply fast also :P)

  2. Hi hi! My elder sister just gave me her Babyplus… (she just delivered her No.2 in Sept and closed shop for good ie cut!).

    I have not use it yet as I am in wk 11 now… Do update your blog on the progress of the Babyplus…

    I plugged the batterries in… sounds like someone’s knocking on doors!

    1. joeyllhow

      My sisters and mom laughed at me when they first saw me wearing BabyPlus and walking around. Yes, it sounds like someone’s knocking on the door, carpenter working on a furniture or a monk meditating. Bub loves it, I think coz when it’s time to play it (I use it at 7.30am and 9.30pm), he will give me a kick and remind me to play it. Really on time! I’m hoping that BabyPlus will help Bub to latch on better…

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