Sugar Trouble

The truth is revealed but I’m not telling yet until my hubby’s birthday next week. As he couldn’t make it to the check-up with me this month, he doesn’t known bub’s gender yet and has been pestering me day and night for an answer. And he could be checking my blog too, just in case I happen to unveil it here. Me not that bodoh, hehehe! Before you judge me as a cruel wife, I’m actually planning to present my hubby with a birthday gift that signifies our baby’s gender so I can save some money on buying some expensive gadget or men’s stuff too la. Sabar lah…

Dr Noor and I witnessed bub flexing his fingers during the scan on Tuesday. Open, close, open, close….awwww! Probably wondering what these fingers are for. Definitely “Moment of the Year” for me. Then, the bad news. Of all things – for someone who takes care of what she eats and never had a problem with sugary foods – my blood sugar level is very high. So high to the extent that it was beyond the reading level. I can’t believe it myself. Blaming it on that white bread with Nutella spread that I had before the appointment.

So, off I went to the detention dietician room for a counseling on my diet. After 45 minutes, I came out poorer, almost brain dead with sky-high stress. Total damage of the day? RM252! There goes your birthday dinner, Hunny…

If you catch me pricking and trying hard to squeeze out a drop of blood from my finger these days, no I’m not a sadist. I’m just merely monitoring my blood glucose with this device and gauging if my previous meal was an OK-good or a no-go.


Gosh, I miss those days when I can just wolf down anything without thinking, is this meal a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fibre?


4 thoughts on “Sugar Trouble

  1. Ermmm… I thought I read this sentence wrongly but you already mentioned in your post…. (“Dr Noor and I witnessed bub flexing his fingers during the scan on Tuesday.”) Read again… 😛

    Anyway, I too once had this glucose scare… lucky thing managed to rescue by cutting down my sugary intake… 😛

    But at about 8mth pregnancy, I had quite abit of a HPT (they called it pre-eclampsia) I mean, near the borderline, so every other day for 2 weeks had to go to clinic to take my blood pressure… somemore cannot claim from company that time! Lucky the doctor sympathetic, check my BP for free! God bless that doctor! 😀

    1. joeyllhow

      Oh, if you realise, I referred bub as “him” in all other previous posts. It’s easier that way, rather than writing down “him/her” all the time, which makes reading difficult too. So no, it can still be a girl :))

      My blood sugar levels seemed to have improved for the past few days of monitoring. Definitely caused by the meal I had that morning. I can’t even claim for anything ever since I got pregnant 😦 *sigh* Why do women only begin to have so many health problems when they’re pregnant? Odd….

  2. Ic… I like when you called your baby ‘bub’. Cute! Last time before we found out our baby’s gender, MIL said it’ll a boy. Her logic: Her 1st child is son, my mum’s 1st child also is son. So my turn, 1st child also is son.

    Duno how accurate lah.. I also go kepoh in this Chinese calendar which can tell the gender based on some dates… also said boy.. hahahah… 🙂

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