Dogs Are NOT Toys

It upsets me every time I hear of a dog abuse incident or see a roadkill. So when I chanced upon a miserable, unkempt dog at an acquaintance’s house recently, I knew I had to do something. The 7-month old male poodle was left in the hot sun in a confined area with no water and faeces lying everywhere. His fur was so overgrown and messy that I was in complete shock the moment I saw him. Despite his depressing situation, Brownie (name has been changed to protect its owner’s identity) wagged his tail excitedly upon seeing me and invited me to play with him. He has obviously been deprived of deserving attention and love. Guilty conscience engulfed me and I decided there and then to rescue and rehome Brownie.

I can never comprehend how some people think of animals, particularly dogs, as commodities they can get and expose of easily – as if these creatures are lifeless, emotionless and merely God’s creation to entertain us. That they are something we should only care and “ooh” & “ahh” about when they are young and cuddly, but abandon when they’ve outgrown their cute stage. Seriously, do you neglect your child when he has grown up, does not behave himself or could not meet your expectations? As the saying goes, if a dog misbehaves, blame the owner’s lack of patience and commitment, not the dog. Sorry to be harsh but I do label people like these as poorly educated, mean and self-centered.

Brownie’s owner bought him barely six months ago on impulse to impress his then-girlfriend. So when the relationship didn’t work, Brownie became the innocent victim and was completely neglected. When I offered to rehome him, the owner had the guts to ask if I can sell it on his behalf instead. How dare you!

Anyways, I got my way out and so here I am, back in PJ, with Brownie in tow. He was cooperative throughout the 2-hour journey. Luck was with me; kind souls quickly shared their contacts with me and barely a day after, I found a very benevolent dog rescuer who is willing to help me in rehoming Brownie. Fully groomed, handsome and happy, Brownie is now at the rescuer’s safe home, waiting to find a new owner and hopefully, a happily-ever-after home.

Brownie and I

My huge gratitude to Ryan from Puppy Cottage for grooming Brownie at a discounted price as well as the kind Ms. Chris Tay for willingly agreeing to rehome Brownie without expecting anything in return. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Groomed, handsome and looking for a loving home

P/S: I would have opened my hands to welcome Brownie to our home if it isn’t because we already have a high-maintenance furkid, Odee and a baby along the way.


4 thoughts on “Dogs Are NOT Toys

  1. Way to go Luan! I have always had this idea that you’d someday open your own little SPCA, rehabilitating and relocating animals, heheh..

    That’s exactly how I feel whenever I see people mistreat their turtles, or keep their turtles in murky ponds and never bothered to feed (remember those temples in Ipoh?!) and give them clean water to live in.

    So anyway, when things like this happen, you suddenly feel that there is some hope left, don’t you? 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      I’ll probably be the worst pet rescuer ever coz all of the animals will end up going nowhere but staying put at my place! Even Steve didn’t believe me when I told him I’m really going to find Brownie a new home, and not staying permanently at our house. He knows me too well….

      Honestly, if you didn’t mention it here, I would have continued thinking that tortoises like living in murky ponds….thank goodness there’s you to create awareness about these creatures…

      I was rather stressed out when I decided to bring Brownie back to PJ, not sure if I can juggle between him, Odee and pregnancy but at the same time, I know leaving him behind wasn’t an option at all. Really thank God for blessing this decision

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