Two He’s’ and Another In The Oven

Today, Odee turns two! That’s equivalent to 24 years of human age for the Maltese breed. We’re so proud that our furkid has grown up to be a loyal, obedient and caring furkid. And in case you’re reading this, Wilfred, let me just clarify that Odee is a male dog and no, he can’t mate as he’s a neutered eunuch 🙂

Odee and his birthday pressie

Yesterday, my darling hubby became a year older, or wiser, as he prefers to put it. I did not buy him any present in particular because the best present is already brewing in my oven. The answer was revealed to him over his birthday dinner at Ben & Nick’s Diner yesterday. A post-it note was sticked at the back cover of his birthday card, which he was directed to read after going through the message inside the card.

Hubby's birthday card

Two cute little onesies for baby boys, bought at only RM10 each at F.O.S (cheap right?!), followed suit.

Onesies for Bub

He suspected it’s a girl all the while and was surprised to hear otherwise from me but nonetheless, beamed with joy upon reading my post-it.

Happy birthday, Daddy-to-be!

If what Dr Noor saw and said was accurate, yes people, I’m growing a penis inside me! 🙂 That makes 1 man, 1 male furkid and a little man in my life next year.


10 thoughts on “Two He’s’ and Another In The Oven

  1. Didn’t the fortune teller say that you will be surrounded by males in your life? This is just the beginning! Imagine having 7 other boys, LOL.

    Congrats once again 🙂

  2. Oh wait… or is he going to be born in the year of Tiger? I didn’t even know when’s your EDD pandai cakap your boy is cowboy hahahahah… 😛

    Anyway, Ox or Tiger, still old folks (like my MIL) got lots to say about it… 😛

    1. joeyllhow

      My EDD is March 2010. Yes, Tiger baby and proud of it. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t really care what old folks say, already foreseeing myself having different babycare views with my confinement lady. Can never please everyone, right? People said Tiger Year is a bad time to get married too. There’s always a story being choked up but I feel that it’s all destined and we shouldn’t generalise things; everyone’s life is unique and different. It’s known that Rabbit and Rooster don’t get along and make bad lovers too but my hubby and I still fell in love and got married :))

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