Three Strange Habits

Several strange habits developed ever since I shared my body with a little tenant. Things that don’t usually offend me suddenly turn me off and vice versa:

1. I’ve never been a fan of chicken meat ever since young, except for processed ones such as burger patty, KFC and nuggets. I couldn’t bear the stench from not-so-fresh chicken meat and the gross, bloody bones when it’s not cooked properly. However, ever since we conceived Bub, I developed a strange liking for it. Even father-in-law, who couldn’t comprehend why I didn’t like chicken meat, was surprised to see me wolfing down chicken dishes served on the table!

2. Don’t ever mention these words “Penang”, “Georgetown”, “Batu Feringghi”, “Butterworth” or any phrases that corresponds to the Pearl of the Orient to me. It makes my tummy flip and my mind sick, likely because of the super oily, highly unhealthy laksa that I had during our family trip there in August. These days, just seeing these words in the dailies is enough to tick me off *dizzy*

3. I have stopped wearing my engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, earrings and any other pretty-me-up treasures ever since I’m preggers. I just dread the sight of myself in these accessories. That was way before we found out Bub’s gender. Now I know why. Lately, these accessories are only limited to wedding receptions. Other than that, I’m all bare.

Today’s “milestones”:
1. Three complete strangers recognised that I’m pregnant today, NOT fat.
2. After being on a strict diet and sugary food “celibacy” for the past three weeks due to my high blood sugar, I finally broke loose, busted the rules and ate ice-cream, 3/4 slice of chocolate cake and Nutella. I’m not feeling guilty, only thanking the pure genius who created chocolate! Besides, baby is dancing happily inside now too. Dr Noor won’t be happy if she knows this though 🙂


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