Adjusting to Changes

Things change when you’re pregnant, even way before your baby arrives. And I don’t mean just biologically. For me, some changes are welcomed, some are a little tougher to adapt to.

Physically, I’ve grown sideways. Being challenged in height, I’m practically a hippo in the making. Finding clothes that flatter these days is a challenge; I dread trying on pretty clothes and seeing myself in the mirror. Most of the time, I look like a balloon that is trying to squeeze itself into an outfit. More often that not, I walk out of the fitting room feeling even more unattractive and demotivated. The only consolation is, I love the way my belly looks from the side; it reminds me of how much Bub has grown from day to day.


Emotionally, my pregnancy hormones have been going haywire and messing up with my optimism. On good days, everything seems holly jolly and on bad days, everyone seems nasty and is out to get me.

Socially, things took a drastic turn as well. I have always perceived myself as a modern, happening mommy-to-be – that pregnancy will not deter me from enjoying life and being less adventurous. After all, we’re pregnant, not handicapped. However, I couldn’t help but to feel blue over the sudden, uncalled for “isolation” imposed by friends. Suddenly, I’m excluded from outings/activities and unexpectedly, decisions are made on my behalf without even consulting me first. Ever since when pregnant women can’t eat cheese cake? Whoever said that pregnant mommies can’t join in outings because they are ALWAYS tired? For the record, cheese contains calcium and it’s good for both mommy and baby. Plus, we’re not always tired. In fact, our energy levels surge in the second trimester and we feel like everyone else. Ask, don’t assume. And if you really dread being seen with a pregnant woman in the public and losing your ‘market value’, say it out loud too because only then I will know that you’re not worthy of my time. Just don’t make up stories, please, because I can sense insincerity from 10 miles away.

Looking at the bright side, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. At least I don’t have to fork out money for extravagant meals or gifts but instead, get to spend some quality bonding time with my hubby, furkid and the little Baba in my tummy. At least I do not have to expose Bub to a smoky, hazardous environment.

Like what my bestie said to comfort me, “After all, they will not know (how miraculous it feels) whenever baby kicks you. Only you know what’s important, what’s happiness, what’s worth your time and what’s not.”

For now, the blues are slowly melting away as I conclude this post. Thank you for listening 🙂


7 thoughts on “Adjusting to Changes

  1. A little bit of advice:
    1. When you are in your 7-8mth, start looking for maternity bra 2 sizes bigger than what you are then.

    2. Shoe size (for me) grow from 7mth onwards… I was a size 6 before pregnant, got up to size 8 when pregnant and even after deliver, my shoe size is now 7. So, all my high heel office shoes are useless already.. lucky I quit my job so no need to invest anymore on shoes…

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks for the tips, Jenny! Right now, I’m going the economical way by using bra extensions instead. As using 1 extension on the last hook is already tight, I double up to 2 extensions 🙂 Creative leh? Every sen counts!

  2. Heck..I keep forgetting to tell u things until I submitted it.. 😦

    Anyway, when I was in my 2nd trimester, I love going out lunch walk far far with my colleagues. I loved flaunting my growing tummy and I love that ppl start giving me attention and priority. Foods come faster and in bigger portions, cars suddenly stop and let me cross the roads, colleagues let me have my meals first.

    I enjoyed that time but when I was in my 3rd trimester, getting really heavy and tired and my feet also pain after walking for a bit (nerve pain cos Ben was sleeping on the side that is pressing my leg’s nerve) so the last few mths of pregnancy, I mostly walk opposite to tapau or get my colleague to buy for me 😦

    1. joeyllhow

      My neighbour’s 5-year old daughter saw me today and said, “oh my, you’re fat already!”. It was so hilarious. So far, some people are still unsure/confused…whether I’m fat or pregnant. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel strangers giving way or treating me any differently yet.

      1. I already started rubbing and massaging tummy when I found out I was pregnant and after I told everyone I knew at office then. So it was quite obvious and if like that still got ppl say I’m not pregnant, will kena sepak from me.. 😛

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