Precious Moments

For those who have known me long enough, they’ll know that I’m a very sentimental person. I like keeping birthday cards, movie stubs, entrance tickets, photos, gifts and any form of evidences from memories I really cherish, even things from ex-boyfriends I’m no longer in good terms with anymore. For I know that these moments – good or bad – are priceless, never repeatable and one of a kind. They are all stored away in a treasure box placed high up within a spot that is rather unreachable, if untold.

My sentimental trait is also displayed in my passion for the Precious Moments figurines. The fad began a couple of years ago when I started earning a living on my own. With five figurines to date, they are nothing to shout about but I’m proud to share that each and every sculpture signifies the milestones in my life from marriage until now.

“With This Ring I…” symbolises the beginning of my marriage

Knowing how much I love ‘Precious Moments’, Hubby presented this to me the moment he got through the ‘challenges’ prepared by my ‘ji muis’ on the morning of our wedding day.

In January 2008, we welcomed Odee into our home.

“We’re Pullin’ For You” symbolises Odee’s arrival into our lives

At the beginning of our marriage, Hubby was always very occupied with his work. His diligence paid off when he was offered a job promotion. He leads a life of work-family balance now.

“Note to Self: Take Time For Me” symbolises Hubby’s effort in keeping a balance between family and career

At the same time, I juggled with my new married life and environment, having entered a new job and moved from the city to an outskirt area.

“Believe It or Knot, I Luv You” symbolises my struggle with keeping up with the changes in my life

Then, after my mother-in-law passed away, baby thoughts came along. We wanted a November 2009 baby girl named after her.

“November Princess” symbolises our hope and attempt to find a replacement for our loss

Destiny decided otherwise and we learned to accept that everything happens for a reason. No longer bothered about the gender preference as long as Bub is healthy and strong, we are very grateful to be blessed with a baby boy in the making, due in March 2010.

Come December, there will be a new addition to my Precious Moment family, all the way from Singapore named “Blessed With A Miracle”. Heartfelt thank you to Audrey for getting it on my behalf at a discounted price.

Tips: It’s much cheaper to buy Precious Moments figurines in Singapore.


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