Rough Week

I had a rough week. Three visits to three different doctors in three days…who else can beat my record?

It didn’t start off on a good note when I experienced tummy ache in the middle of Sunday night. It began with discomfort on my upper abdomen which later travelled down to the lower part of my belly. Bub is unusually active too. The pain woke me up at the wee hours of Monday morning and being first-time parents, we didn’t know what to expect and were worried sick. So, at around 3.30am, Steve sent me to the A&E of Sunway Medical.

Thank goodness it’s only gastric. Although I was prescribed some medications, I didn’t take it and endured the pain until Steve got a green light from my gynae on Monday noon. Missing work made me even more stressed out as my team mate is on leave the whole week and there’s no one else to carry out the daily division tasks.

After a cup of freshly brewed ginger tea, my gastric went away for good. On Tuesday, we went for our scheduled ante-natal check-up and 3D/4D ultrasound scan. We basked in relief when Dr Noor said that Bub is growing at a good rate and everything else like his heart, spine, fingers/toes, skull’s circumference, body length, blood flow through the umbilical cord, lips and palate seem perfectly normal. Probably knowing that he was being watched, Bub kept moving and “kicking away” the ultrasound tool that was placed on my tummy. Then, it was time to look at his face. Having coughed out RM350 for this scan, Bub decided to pull a trick on his parents and covered his face with his hands throughout the whole session! Dr Noor was very patient to wait and try again and again. To encourage Bub to change his position, I was asked to laugh and cough. It worked for a while until he quickly covered his face again. There goes my hope for him to become the next Brad Pitt. How to be a Hollywood celebrity when you’re so camera shy lar?!

On Wednesday, I was greeted with a pain in the butt – literally. Bub is getting heavier with days and the pressure on the womb resulted in a hemorrhoid so inflammed every movement was excruciatingly painful. Walking, sitting down and standing were horrifying. Nonetheless, I dragged myself to work, ducked through the day and rushed to the GP near my house after work. He was totally a God-sent as my pain and inflammation down under was relieved after he kindly taught me how to insert a rectal suppository. The annoying ‘monster’ is still there but at least, it has subsided and is more bearable now.

First it was the antibiotics scare, then urinary tract infection and bacterial vaginosis followed by high blood sugar, gastric and hemorrhoid. What’s next? Give it on to me! It’s alright for me suffer as all I wish for is a smooth delivery and a healthy/strong baby. Now I really really know what my mom went through to carry me to term for nine months. It’s not easy at all.

Amidst the chaos this week, I was also busy planning a bridal shower, buying things and getting gifts for my sister’s wedding as well as niece’s birthday.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. As for me, I ogle at this picture. Note the resemblance of his lips and mine. That’s my family’s trademark 🙂

My precious little man at Week 22

2 thoughts on “Rough Week

  1. What’s next? Let’s see… cramps? high blood pressure? nerves pain around 8mths onwards?

    Lots of sacrifices being a mummy you know… Enjoy your sufferings now… when baby come out already, you will forget all about this… ;p

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