Perks of Pregnancy

Now that my bump has finally made its appearance and I’m no longer regarded as just ‘buncit’, I’ve been enjoying the sweeteners of growing a little human being inside me. Here are several examples:

1. I’m a big fan of soya bean drink, and more when I’m pregnant now. In fact, this love began when I was still in the womb; mom told me that she drank lots of it when she was carrying me. My new best friend is the uncle selling fresh soya bean drink in a van nearby my house. I visited him so regularly that the usually shy and quiet him chatted me up and said, “Soya bean with brown sugar is good for your baby, I’m glad you like it. When my sister-in-law was pregnant, she took lots of this as well but don’t take too much sugar though, it’s not healthy”. It feels good when a stranger shows concern.

2. Hubby and I went shopping at Isetan The Gardens last weekend. As he tried on some clothes at Dude & Duchess, I took the opportunity to sit down and rest. The salesgirl suddenly came over to me and said, “It must be nice being pregnant. Is your tummy hard? Can I touch?”. I was a little taken aback but allowed her anyways. Her face immediately brightened up with elation. It’s amazing how pregnancy helps us to make friends and bring joy to others within seconds.

3. It was love at first sight when I chanced upon Coffee Bean’s Christmas promotions banner featuring its limited-time-only Ice-Blended Dark Chocolate with Mint. Although I’ve never tasted it and still trying very hard to resist the temptation, I couldn’t stop revving about it ever since. So when one of our work trainees heard about it, she offered to buy me a cup so that I can satisfy my craving, have a sip and she’ll have the rest. Isn’t that thoughtful? Pregnancy brings out the kind side of humans.

4. Working in a hotel has its advantages, more when I’m pregnant. As I deal with the chefs regularly, lingering in the outlet kitchen is a norm. Just the other day, a media came to preview our Chinese New Year dishes. I just couldn’t sit down and do nothing when I saw everyone getting busy and fighting a war in the kitchen. Just as I lifted up an arm to help, one of the chefs quickly stopped me and commanded, “Put it down and don’t touch my things. Go sit down!”. Another whipped up some dim sum for me to enjoy while waiting. And throughout the whole session, I lost count of how many people who said, “please be careful when you walk around in the kitchen. It’s slippery!” Aww…I love this attention. Pregnancy gives you more than a bump, we get caring attention too.


One thought on “Perks of Pregnancy

  1. Hey… thanks for sharing… good to have nice people around…. I just got a weighing scale… (redeemed from credit card points – before cancelling my card) Hence, will be monitoring my weight as well…. 😀

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