Punching Bag & Loving It!

Entering my 6th month of pregnancy presents more than just an increased appetite. The light nudges from Bub those days is now a history. More often than not, I feel like a punching bag or a crowded, action-packed concert venue. His movements these days are impactful, one of its kind and a surprise each time.

Sometimes it’s two quick punches akin to how we feel when our car goes through a road bump. Occasionally, it feels and looks like he’s doing a Mexican wave inside. And at times, I feel like as if he’s digging me from inside out with his fingers. Once, his movements were so prominent I felt him migrating steadily from my lower abdomen to upper abdomen, just like a lift escalating. My imagination pictured him climbing up my womb by flapping his arms and legs like a butterfly.

Each sensation from the kick, punches, flutters and jolts never failed to make me smile every time. It’s strangely astonishing yet hilarious. If only there’s a miniature CCTV that can be implanted safely inside the womb to monitor babies’ behaviour and activities, isn’t that wonderful?


3 thoughts on “Punching Bag & Loving It!

    1. joeyllhow

      Do hiccups feel like slow, consistent nudges that last for 30 seconds to 1 minute? I felt that thrice already but wasn’t sure if that’s hiccups :))

  1. It’s more like consistent thumping. Mine goes longer than a minute. My OB says that is a good sign of development. I’ve been feeling him hiccups since months ago, and now that he is bigger, it’s getting quite uncomfortable. Feels like bubbles popping inside me. He hiccups a few times a day 🙂

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