Hot Mama

There’s no doubt that I’m a hot mama; what I’m talking about here is the literal heat I’ve been experiencing recently. The air-conditioner could be blasting, the fan spinning hard and yet I could sleep in shorts and singlet without blanket over me. When everyone’s wrapped up in their blazer and pashmina in the office, I would be walking around in my short sleeve top. Most of the time, it feels as though I’m living in Sahara desert. It has become a norm for me to wake up in the middle of the night for both nature’s call and to wipe away my sweat. I couldn’t even bear cuddling my hubby for long; the “triple heat” is just too much for me to take.

I’m not usually a deodorant user because I smell good naturally *wink wink* but now, wet wipes has become a necessity.

According to 1st Time Mothers Website, “a rather ‘uncomfortable’ change we are likely to go through during pregnancy is rising body temperature. This is due to the increase in our basal metabolic rate – the rate our body uses up energy when it is at rest – by about 20%. This is most prominent during our third month or after the first trimester.”

When it rains these days, I secretly (and evilly) wish that it pours – at least around my housing area only and not until it floods la…


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