Bub’s Little Antics So Far…

My Dearest Bub,

We were at the doctor’s this morning. Doc said you currently weigh 900grams, are growing well and very active. However, you are still sitting upright in mommy’s womb, probably it’s a more comfortable position as the upper part of womb is the most spacious. Mommy was given a tetanus jab, which still sores as I type this.

Before mommy’s ever forgetful mind forgets, here are some things you have been doing throughout the months:

1. You don’t like McDonald’s or anything spicy, oily and fried. Happy Meal is mommy’s vomit meal.
2. You love fresh soya bean drink. The soya bean uncle is mommy’s new best friend.
3. You gave me some quick, light punches the other day, just like the sensations from Osim Upapa massage device.
4. You’re most active at 11.30am, 4pm and 10.15pm. Also when you’re on “TV” (ultrasound).
5. Mommy’s touch and out-of-tune lullaby soothe you. Your kicking bouts usually stop once mommy touches the belly or sing you a song, probably because it sounds so bad you get a shock.
6. You would wake mommy up at around 7.30am everyday with a light kick. Then again at 9.30pm. That’s your reminder to mommy for your BabyPlus, which you try to kick away each time it is being played.
7. Sometimes in the middle of the night, you would give a sudden, strong kick on the spot mommy places my palm comfortably. There was once mommy felt you swimming two “strokes” upwards just to kick mommy’s palm. You are either playful or fussy.
8. When mommy is tired, you seem understanding enough to behave by being more quiet too.
9. Eating chocolates secretly is our favourite thing to do (don’t tell Daddy!). Mommy’s happy and you join in the joy by kicking a lot too.
10. You dislike fragrances of any kind and the smell from newspapers.

It will be soon before you are in mommy’s arms. Next year at this time, you’ll be receiving Christmas presents and joining mommy and daddy for a Christmas eve dinner. We can’t wait to cuddle and smell you.

Until then, stay strong and healthy, be well and happy. Mommy prays that you will cooperate and turn head down soon. See you in March!



3 thoughts on “Bub’s Little Antics So Far…

  1. Christiane

    Aw! I love your letter! That is such a great idea. You are a fantastic mommy; Bub is so cute already! BTW, I’ve been looking at little things to send to you already. So many fun gifts! Will need your address though. 🙂
    Love you lots my dear cousin! And I will see you next spring (hopefully)!

    1. joeyllhow

      Hey Christiane, thanks for reading :)) I’m indeed enjoying pregnancy (except the morning sickness part, hehehe). Very nice of Aunt Christiane to think of Bub and send things over for him. Thanks a lot ya…no need to send us the things first, just keep them with you first and bring them along when you come in spring. That will make sure that you come 😀

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