Shopping Frenzy

When we went on our final babymoon in Singapore two weeks ago, we had another goal in mind – to grab some cheap baby items, as said by several friends (even after currency conversion). Well, if you have the same intention, drop that idea now and just contribute to the Malaysian economy. Hubby and I have been diligently surveying the prices over here the past few months; he even came up with a very detailed table on price comparison. Maybe it’s the high exchange rate or probably it’s because of the on-going Malaysia Year-End Sale here, things are not cheaper – even after discounts. In fact, they are more expensive by at least RM20 or more. Considering the travelling expenses and hassle of bringing them back, it’s just not worth it. The only few things that are indeed cheaper are the NUK baby bottles and interactive toys for toddlers.

On Christmas Day, we went on a shopping spree at BabyLand, SS2 . After spending more than 2 hours there, I’m proud to say that we’re almost ready to welcome Bub, in terms of preparation for his things and necessities. Below are among the major items that we have bought and the reasons we chose these particular brand/model:

STROLLER – Graco Citilite-R Sporty

It’s light (so I can carry it in and out of car easily), compact (doesn’t take up much space in the car), easy to close/open and suitable for newborn up until 3-4 years old (reclinable to lying down position). I love its reversible handle too (so that Bub can see my pretty face and also see the whole world when he’s older). Because it’s from the US, it is also slightly wider than the Asian brands like Combi and Capella.

CAR SEAT – Britax Omega Almond

We were contemplating between Britax and Safe n’ Sound but apparently, they’re both under the same company and manufactured in Australia. Other newer Britax models come in either black or dark blue colour, which I feel will absorb heat when we park our car under the sun. I love its colour, the velvety feel of the cushion, comfortable padding and the fact that it’s approved by some safety regulations. It’s also suitable for newborn up until 4 years old.

BREAST PUMP – Medela Swing & CityStyle Bag Combo

Medela is among the more pricey breastpump brands out there and I was really in a dilemma whether to splurge on a good brand or just get a so-so brand. After talking to Dr Noor the other day about breastfeeding and its immense benefits, I was even more determined to breastfeed Bub, at least for the first 6 months and hence, the “investment”. The Medela Swing has a patented, two-phase expression feature that minimizes the pain of milk expression by firstly massaging the areola to stimulate milk flow before suctioning the breast. It is also very compact and portable, making it easier for me to bring it to office.

STERILISER – Lindam Universal Steriliser

It’s much cheaper than the popular Avent Steriliser, works its functions, easy to operate and has gotten good reviews everywhere. The steriliser can fit up to 6 bottles of any size and comes with a one-year warranty.

NURSING PILLOW – My Brest Friend

This is another of our splurges. I get backache or pain on the sides of my body easily, so we concluded that it’s important to get a nursing pillow for support purposes (also because I like to spend). Compared to other brands, this provides a good back support for moms when breast/bottle-feeding their babies, adjustable according to body frame, has a flat and sturdy top so baby lies down steadily, doesn’t move around, comes with a washable fabric and it’s pretty! Plus, Daddy can use it too.


It’s BPA-free, anti-colic and best of all, claims that it’s second to nature – meaning, the teat is designed almost similar to mom’s nipples and hence, assists with easier transition between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. Besides the good reviews from Malaysian moms, the design is unique and user-friendly too.

All in all, as we bought the items during a sale period, we saved over RM1,000 from their original, non-discounted prices. Every penny counts!

If you would like a copy of my personalised, more Asianised baby items checklist, please email me.


7 thoughts on “Shopping Frenzy

  1. HIHI! You got all those at SS2 Babyland? Have not do/plan any shopping for my little one yet… 😛 Will know if boy/girl mid this month … made appointment with Dr Yap from FMGC on the 15th 😀

  2. Farina

    Hi. Just found your blog by chance when I was searching for baby wipes reviews. I also read your other posts, which I am sure to put yours in my fav folder. Hope you dont mind sending the softcopy of baby checklist. Will be meeting my baby in Nov. Thanks!

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Farina, so sorry for the late reply. Work has been hectic lately. Congrats on your pregnancy ya! Three more months to go 🙂 Let me dig my old laptop for the checklist. I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

  3. hi dear were bloghopping when I found ur page
    do u mind sharing ur checklist – am interested to compare – I am having my own but always so worried that I might miss something or buy sumthing unnecessary – do emai;l eidrogue at yahoo dot com

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Dytia, thanks for dropping by my blog. Unfortunately, I have accidentally misplaced my checklist which was in my old computer. Sorry about this.

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