7 Months & Lugging

I’m in the HOME STRETCH! Two thirds of the way to the finish line and just three months away from cuddling my prize!

At 28 weeks pregnant…

– My toes seem missing if I stand straight and look down 90 degrees
– My tummy touches my thighs whenever I sit upright
– My feet are beginning to swell; a new pair of shoes, perhaps?
– The dreaded Mr. Nauseous, Mrs. Heartburn and Datuk Exhaustion are back to visit
– My butt is the size of what my Dad would describe as a 125cc motorbike
– I have lost control of the pregnancy flatulence! *oops I did it again*
– I have finally woken up from denial…yes, I can no longer fit into my normal clothes and need proper maternity clothes now

We can’t wait to attend our first ante-natal class this weekend.


6 thoughts on “7 Months & Lugging

    1. joeyllhow

      Ai Leen, thanks for the compliments and sparing some time to visit my blog :)) You’ll probably see another “shape” next month :))

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