Names, Names, Names!

Way before we found out if Bub would pee sitting down or standing up in a few years’ time, our pre-gender list consists mainly of baby girl names. Not because we wanted a girl, it’s just so much easier to come up with beautiful baby girl’s names compared to boys. If it’s a girl, we’ll probably call her Naomi, Mia, Halle or Keira. If it’s a boy, well, that’s a little tricky.

So when we finally found out Bub’s gender at Week 18, Hubby and I went frantic hunting for a nice boy’s name. Without a guideline to begin with, we asked for suggestions and opinions from friends and family. All we knew was that the chosen name has to be:

Criteria #1: Unique and not too common yet not too abnormal, laughable or mockable
Criteria #2: Manly and handsome *ahem*
Criteria #3: Versatile and is acceptable throughout his life stages

Some suggestions we’ve received:
– Bub’s 5-year old cousin suggested Rodee, a combination of ROnan (his name) + oDEE (my dog’s name). How creative, right?
– Bub’s Pelf Ayi prefers something more traditional such as Ethan, Liam, Dylan etc. Traditional is safe and evergreen but we are looking for something more unique
– Bub’s Aunt Christiane recommended something less usual ones like Riley, Landon and Lochlan. These are a little too unique, especially in Malaysia. We are super hard to please, right?

I personally like Ronan (can’t use it anymore as it’s taken), Kyler and Keiran. Hubby isn’t a very big fan of these names though. The battle of names continued, up until we stumbled upon a name we both adore. A name we instantly knew “This is IT!”

So yes, we already have something in mind and will only officiate it once Bub arrives, to see if his looks fit the name well. All we are revealing now is that it means “handsome and loved”.


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