Birth Plan

After doing up some readings and getting much needed information from Christine at Mamalink, we’ve come up with a birth plan that will serve as a guide for Dr Noor and her gang to follow when I finally say this to Hubby: “Hunny, I think it’s TIME”. It seems really ideal; this is the best scenario we are hoping for. However, we are aware that this birth plan is not meant to be rigid and are happy to change it should there be any problems with my labour:

Birth companion
Who else but my darling husband? I don’t want anyone else but him to see me in THAT situation and position too…

Positions for labour and birth
I would like to remain mobile for as long as possible. Squatting and being on all fours seem more beneficial but after some thoughts, I don’t think it’s my cup of tea. For labour, I would like to be as upright as possible.

Pain relief
Relaxation and breathing techniques for as long as possible (Hunny, please help to calm me down with your soothing voice, warm massages and assuring, handsome looks); then, if need be, gas and air, and an epidural in that order.

Intermittent monitoring – not continuous electronic monitoring if at all possible.

As few as possible – I really do not want to have an episiotomy or forceps. Or else, I’d rather keep Bub inside me and let him live off me for as long as he wants.

Cutting the cord
My husband will have the honour of officiating the ceremony and welcoming his firstborn to the world. “Selamat datang, anak Baba!”

What Happens Next…
If possible, I would like my baby to be placed on my chest directly after delivery and only taken away for cleaning, measuring, weighing etc. after his first feed. Research shows that babies that are delivered straight to their moms latch on better for breastfeeding. At Mamalink’s ante-natal class, we were shown a video where a newborn placed naked on her mom’s bare chest after eight hours actually crawled to her mom’s breasts and latched on for milk. Amazingggggg….

Vaccinations for Baby
Yes please, to keep Bub healthy and strong!

Boobs Breastfeeding only. Please do not give my baby any bottles (don’t even put empty ones nearby, please) without my permission. I will consider formula-feeding if I encounter problems, but only after at least 48 hours.

Have I covered everything?


3 thoughts on “Birth Plan

  1. Joey,

    If can, try to walk around as much as you can as it speeds up the contraction. I actually walked from the labour ward to my own suite (was only 1cm then so was told to go back my room and wait somemore) instead of being wheeled in a wheelchair provided.

    As for feeding, Joey, babies do not need to feed for the first 2-3 days. Really… the colostrum that they took is enough to sustain them. Of course, Chinese especially when they see babies cry, they think its because they are hungry. Imagine you are all couped up real nice and in a comfy and dark environment for 9mths suddenly exposed in bright and noisy condition, you’d cry and fuss too… But in any case, if really anybody (even the hosp staff) said must feed, make sure its only breastmilk (if that’s your option) or they feed baby using a cup or spoon, not from bottle.

    All the best for you and bub. I’m so excited for you! 😀

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks for your advice, Jenny. Yes, I will try to remain as mobile as possible during the first two stages, at least. Now I’m just hoping hard that my doctor will change her mind about my preferred birth position.

      I am already prepared that breastfeeding is going to be hard initially and crossing my fingers real hard that I’ll persevere. Mommyhood in 2 months’ time….I’m scared yet excited! :))

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