Bub’s Pep Talk

Dear Bub,

It has been 5 weeks since mommy visited Dr Noor. So when mommy finally saw her again two days ago, mommy and daddy were both excited. Mommy was her first patient of the day, thanks to my kiasuness and because of that, Daddy missed seeing you on ultrasound. Blame the traffic jam that morning.

You have grown so big the ultrasound screen no longer fits the entire you. Dr Noor let mommy listen to your heartbeat and we saw your two little kidneys too. You were moving throughout the scan.

The pep talk mommy has been whispering to you since the previous appointment actually worked! Mommy is so glad you cooperated. My darling boy, thank you for listening, obliging and turning head down. Mommy was worried you will remain in a breech position. No wonder mommy’s lower abdomen feels heavy lately; standing up after sitting for a long while is a tedious task. This isn’t the first time we have worked together to make things work; remember the first time around when mommy kept reminding you to show off your genitals a few weeks prior to seeing Dr Noor so we can find out if you’re a boy or girl? You were so accommodating; your legs were so wide open even Dr Noor couldn’t be more sure that you’ll one day pee standing up! For these, mommy and daddy are very grateful.

Dr Noor said you weigh 1.5kg now, which is normal for baby your gestational time. And surprise surprise, she also mentioned that you are a rather tall baby! What a relief to hear that because it seems that you’re more likely to inherit Daddy’s height (hopefully!) rather than mommy’s petite frame. The bad news was, there’s still sugar in my urine again and that means, continuing a rigid diet.

We also discussed our birth plan with Dr Noor. Unfortunately, the only position to deliver you is by lying down. I figure that Malaysian doctors are not willing or adventurous enough to try different positions. Not even sitting upright because the bed in labour ward doesn’t have a recliner. On the bright side, you will be given straight to mommy and daddy after delivery, at least until the first feed.

Just out of curiosity, mommy and daddy bugged a nurse to bring us around the delivery suites and nursery. The labour room is a brightly-litted room with a bed, intermittent monitoring system on one side and a couch for daddy on another. We only got to peep at the nursery as the curtain was drawn. It looks quite spacious from the outside.

We’ll see you on screen in 2 weeks’ time, when mommy will be 33 weeks pregnant. Until then, don’t forget mommy’s pep talk. Stay strong, healthy, happy and have a kicking fiesta!

Hugs & lots of love,


5 thoughts on “Bub’s Pep Talk

  1. Aww this is the sweetest letter ever! You made me cry *sniff*

    Where are you delivering? I’m a bit worried that they are making you lie down to deliver. This is a bad bad positions! I hope you can reconsider changing to another hospital 😦

    Bringing a new life to this world is a beautiful experience. And PAINFUL hehe. So don’t let the hospital’s incompetence make it any more.

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Jacyln, thanks a lot for dropping by. I’m delivering at Sunway Medical. My friend is seeing another doctor there, so perhaps if that doctor is willing to compromise, I may switch doctor. We’ll see how it goes. Worse case scenario, I’ll bring lots of pillows and stack them up so I can sit upright to deliver.

      I’ve learned a lot from your blog, thanks to your thorough research. Keep it up, ya! You’ll be full term in a week’s time, all the best ya! Can’t wait to see LBJ in your blog soon :))

  2. I’m a bit surprised to learn that Sunway Medical doesn’t have a recliner in their delivery ward. How odd! Are you sure you don’t want to change hospital?

    When we decided on Gleneagles (5mins drive away) we were a bit worried about their charges. I heard Sunway is even more cut throat! Gleneagles is surprisingly affordable. Normal delivery is at RM2.5-3k and Cesarean at RM5k. So if budget was an issue, Gleneagles might not be so bad to change to. Ms Yap, the Delivery Dept Manager told us that her beds are RM30k/set. The beds can recline and dropped (made shorter) for upright delivery.

    I hope I am not giving them free promo LOL. There’s still time to reconsider, so I hope you’ll give it some thought.

    Thanks for frequenting my blog too. My research only goes as far as what I suddenly needed to find out. They are all over the place. Knowing too much could be harmful LOL 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      I have discussed with hubby about changing doctor/hospital but we’re just afraid it’s a bit too late as my pregnancy isn’t as smooth as everyone else’s – I have problems with my blood glucose levels and am on the brim of gestational diabetes. SunMed has all my medical records from the beginning; I’m just afraid that switching hospital will cause confusions and problems.

      Thanks for letting me know about Gleneagles. I’ve heard really good things about that hospital but it’s a little too far for us; we’re based in PJ. Maybe I should check out other docs in SunMed or perhaps ask SJMC, KJMC etc. We’ll definitely consider and keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks ya!

      1. Hmm I’ve heard of friend’s friend that delivered in a different hospital. It shouldn’t be too troublesome? Ok I wouldn’t know 😛

        Did you try Assunta? Since this is our 1st baby, it would take us forever in 1st stage. So there’s plenty of time traveling from PJ to KL. Or somewhere nearer between PJ.

        SJMC is cut throat. I wouldn’t recommend LOL. KJMC I have no idea.

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