Motherly Love

My mom

Pregnancy changes a woman and alters the way she views the world around her. If you’ve grown up hearing your mom lamenting, “Wait until you become a mother!” and brushing it off, don’t, because this will return to haunt you one day. You’ll never know how much your mom loves and sacrifices for you, up until you carry a life inside you.

I’ve always thought that pregnancy is a walk in the park and a bed of roses. Setting aside the nauseousness and morning sickness, I find myself loving the stranger in my belly even before he is conceived, where I selflessly avoided medications and certain foods for several months leading to conception, just in case I was preggers. Decisions aren’t about me and my needs or wants anymore; what I eat, do, think and behave does affect him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not indicating that I’m a great mom; in fact, I’m barely there. The past few months have put me in my mom’s shoes and taught me vastly about the sacrifices and struggles she went through to carry me to term and raise me up to become a woman of proper values. Learning the joys of loving someone more than loving myself willingly, I have consciously and unconsciously:

– Endured fever, flu and gastric without medications although they were prescribed by doctor. I’d rather suffer than introduce drugs to my unborn child.
– Slept in awkward positions, only to wake up with body ache all over just so that Bub is comfortable and not “squashed”
– Cut out all my favourite foods, including turning a blind eye (but still peeping) when friends and colleagues enjoy delicious treats. I have problems with my blood glucose levels and mismanagement of it may result in complications during labour and affect Bub’s health in the long term. It sounds easy but in actual truth, it’s really stressful and depressing, especially when I had to control my strong urge/cravings for sweet foods.
– Eat foods I usually resent such as bittergourd and cranberry juice, only because they’re good for Bub!
– Staying away from smokers
– Ask “do I need or want this?” when I go shopping these days and more often than not, leave the shop with empty hands. We’ll need to start saving for Bub’s education and future needs
– Managed my temper more effectively and having more empathy for people because getting angry or stressed out isn’t good for Bub
– I believe in karma and treating people the way I want to be treated. Hence, I have been trying to cultivate and demonstrate good behaviour, just in case Bub is listening and inherits certain traits from me 🙂

All of the above even before he is born. Imagine the worries, stresses and sacrifices a mom goes through as the child grows up, goes to school, finds a job, gets married and so on.

Now I understand why my mom disapproved me of going out with that certain guy or banned me from taking a ride in my friend’s motorbike. I can see clearly now why she was so upset when I rebelled by hurting myself in front of her or why she cried for a few days when I called home to cry and complain during my first few lonely weeks in Melbourne.

It’s all because she built me from scratch, including the eyes that are reading this screen and the fingers that are typing this now – all formed delicately in her womb for 40 weeks.

It’s because I’m her flesh and blood.

And for worrying about me from day 1 and providing me with the best care and love, I thank you, mom.


4 thoughts on “Motherly Love

    1. joeyllhow

      Hehehe, I don’t think my mom will ever know antyhing about this post (but will definitely freak out if she knows I posted her pic online). She’s not Internet savvy :))

      It’s funny how we pregnant women cry so easily, isn’t it? I can’t watch any sad movies/birth videos or hear any moving stories these days, I’ll end up teary too! Even arguing with my younger brother (a norm and favourite past time) made me cry :)) My mom said that if I keep crying like that, my baby will end up becoming a “ham pao” ;P

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