The “Buncit” Me

One Sunday morning, we woke up early and went celebrating my “buncit”-ness.

With Odee in tow, our first stop was at The Curve.

As the sun came up, we ventured into a park and stopped for a quick picnic.

The blue balloons signify Bub’s gender. We’re having a boy!

It’s hot and the sun is giving me skin pigmentations…but I’m lovin’ it!

We headed home after that. Here’s me saying, “I *heart* Bub”

Will he be hairy or botak? Tall or short? It doesn’t matter as we love the little guy in this photo to bits…

My belly measures a whopping 91cm in diameter! I’ve finally beat my Dad’s beer belly…

Yep, that’s the man who fathers my child….charming, right?

I hope Bub looks more like his Daddy!

Is the belief that pointed tummy = boy, rounded belly = girl, true? Nine out of 10 people guessed Bub’s gender correctly based on the shape of my tummy.

All warm and cozy in my belly, it’s only time before he pops and brings joy to our lives. We love you, Bub!

Note: Photos taken during my 30th week of pregnancy.


11 thoughts on “The “Buncit” Me

  1. aww love the you with the blue balloons. And how cute that Odee looks straight at the camera! So who shot this for you? 🙂

    At 30 weeks, I was already 100cm, couldn’t even fit into my wedding band. And still have PUPPP spots on my belly 😦

  2. joeyllhow

    Thanks…I won’t mention who shot these photos because I’m not very happy with the outcome (only 12% of the photos given to me are “acceptable”) and their service is horrible. Not worth recommending.

    I actually didn’t keep track of how much my belly grows in diameter, that was the only time 🙂 What’s PUPPP? I have lots of red bumps all over my belly too…

  3. Thina

    Hey there..

    I came across your blog by chance and immediately caught a liking for it….

    I’ve always been afraid of childbirth and when I tell this to my friends they think am silly.. :). I just loved the way you describe the beautifull experince of having a child and the process you are going through amazing!!! Now I wish to have a baby too… :)) Anyways, congrats to you and can’t wait to see the pics of your lil’ one….

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Thina,

      Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. The thought of my upcoming labour still scares me but well, like what every mom said to assure me, it’s worth the pain once baby is in our arms and we’ll forget the “trauma” in no time. Do keep me updated when you get the good news!

      Thanks again.

  4. May Yee

    Nice nice nice! Love your photos, your red baju and Odee looks like Tea-Tea!

    Anyways, GONG XI Fa CHAI!!! 😀

    We finally collected our digital camera from Canon service centre (was there since August last year) Hence, will be having lots of pics during the CNY. 😀

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