Yayyy….Bub’s nursery is finally ready and complete. Albeit simple and nothing fancy, we have come a long way to prepare and make it as comfortable as possible for Bub. Our little prince will take his afternoon nap, get changed and fed in this nursery. Once he’s older, we will turn this nursery into his playroom.

Our downstairs room was a complete warzone filled with baby stuff before this:

Here’s Daddy setting up the playpen, a gift from my parents:

After clearing up the items, getting organised and jazzing up the room with some wall decor, here’s Bub’s nursery:

We’re planning to put up the curtains once Bub comes. Placed opposite the playpen is a single bed for me to rest and breastfeed in the afternoons during confinement period. Also not in the photo’s is Daddy’s latest gift to Bub – a mini CD player to play songs and lull Bub to sleep.


3 thoughts on “Nursery…checked!

  1. we got the aneboda drawer set for LBJ too hehe. that’s a good buy and makes the room looks clean!

    bub’s room looks big. i can already see all the future toys scattered all over the floor 🙂

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