Slow Down…Me No Ready!

I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt that we have switched to another gynae (again!) by the name of Dr Christina and she induced my labour at 35 weeks pregnant for no valid reasons. By the time I realised that, it was way too late. We consulted Dr Choong immediately and found out that he was her “partner in crime”! Up until now, my mind couldn’t register why the name “Christina” or how Dr Choong suddenly became so scary. Thankfully, it was all only a dream.

This morning, I discovered that two of my colleagues – both of whom are pregnant and due in mid and end-March respectively, have given birth over the weekend. If that wasn’t enough to stir up my trepidations for labour and child-raising, I was served with a hospital admission letter during my check-up at Dr Choong’s just now. Right, what a good timing!

Oh gosh, please slow down. I’m neither ready to give birth nor want Bub to come now (he’s not even full-term yet!), at least not for the next 2 – 3 weeks. I still have my list of things-to-do-before Bub-comes:

[ ] Work on Sunday, 7th March (updated on 1/3/10: no longer required)
[X] Go window shopping at The Pavilion (Updated on 1/3/10)
[X] Watch a movie in the cinema
[ ] Chill out at Starbucks sipping Frappucino in the middle of the night with hubby
[X] Get a new netbook (before my current laptop gives up on us) (Updated on 1/3/10: Getting it tomorrow!)
[X] Apply for mobile broadband
[ ] List down and hand over my current tasks to my colleague
[X] Complete my DIY birth announcement/thank you cards (Updated on 1/3/10)

Billions of people did it, so I should be able to do it too, right? Right! Right?

Anyways, nothing much transpired during our check-up today. Thanks to the CNY cookies and goodies I’ve over-indulged in for the past 1 week, my weight surged 700gm from 2 weeks ago. We didn’t get to see Bub on screen this time around but listening to his heartbeats, coupled with sounds of moving waters – through a fetal Doppler was equally heart-warming. And for the second time around, Dr Choong helped me up from the reclining bed after that, a gesture that shocked and impressed me at first (none of the gynaes I’ve seen before this – 3 to be exact – have done this before, so it’s really worth mentioning). He quizzed us on “when do you know it’s time to check into the hospital?” and I got all three answers – the ‘show’, waterbag burst and contractions – correct! *blush*

Starting next week, we’ll be seeing him on a weekly basis. That means labour is drawing near, right? *shudders*


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