Wet n’ Wild CNY

Despite the ongoing hot spell, my Chinese New Year (CNY) was wet n’ wild. After a reunion dinner in Melaka last Tuesday (3rd day of CNY), we came home to find the living room in my family’s house flooded. The water pump on our rooftop has apparently decided to work extra hard and overtime, causing the water from our main tank to overflow, seep through the ceiling and flow downstairs. It took all 10 of us almost 2 hours to clean up the mess.

Yesterday, a Tuesday too, a heavy storm hit our area in KL. Silly me had totally forgotten about the unlatched windows upstairs. When I finally went to my bedroom, there were pools of water everywhere. Coincidentally, Hubby was working late. Unable to bear the sight and thought of water seeping and damaging our expensive wooden floor, I went down on all fours to get rid of the water. It was a very bad idea as 5 minutes into the process, I had a backache and was panting like a dog. My stubbornness and determination didn’t stop there; I continued my effort until I accidentally slipped on my thigh, knocking my lower abdomen.

Worried for Bub who became very quiet suddenly, I tried “waking” him up by lying on the bed, tossing left and right. This trick usually works but not this time around. I talked to him and coaxed him by stroking and tapping my belly but to no avail. An hour later, we were at Dr Patrick’s.

After much questioning of “CNY is almost over, why are you still cleaning the floor?” and “You shouldn’t be doing such thing at this stage”, Dr Patrick checked Bub with an ultrasound machine. Thankfully, Bub’s heart rate is normal, he was probably deep asleep when I slipped and everything is alright.

I’ve heard from friends and colleagues that it’s alright to still be ‘working’ up until labour; in fact, being active does help to speed up delivery. I thought that I’m still all mighty; that things shouldn’t change during pregnancy. After all, my great grandma, grandma and mom had no maids and did household chores up until their babies popped, so why not me? Besides, I really do not want to be an invalid and bother my Hubby all the time.

It’s a well-learned lesson because after that, I’ve come to realise that my stubbornness and selfishness have put Bub’s well-being in risk. Yes, I am guilty of walking on slippery floors, climbing that high to reach for my travel toiletries placed inside the top cupboard, tip-toeing to see or get something and attempting to reach for the book on the highest shelf with a chair.

Bub, mummy has learned her lesson and for all these bad things I’ve done, I would like to say “Oopsie, I’m really sorry!”


2 thoughts on “Wet n’ Wild CNY

  1. May Yee

    Whew,…. you and baby r ok! 😀

    Ya.. I believe we are the same… want to be heroin… like my hubby said… we are no longer 18 – 22 yr old… especially when I want to wsh toilets/floor/cross the roads/drains on my own…

    Have to remind ourselves all of the time… we have the little one to take care of….

    1. joeyllhow

      Too much of “girl power” in us, ya? It’s just so troublesome to wait for someone’s help all the time….but right now, it isn’t all about us anymore.

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