9 Months & Popping Soon!

We are 9 months pregnant! That means D-day can be anytime from now until Bub’s due date on 28th March. Here’s hoping that Bub will only make his debut after the 17th, as Dr Choong won’t be around some time in mid-March and Hubby will be on course before that.

At our visit to Dr Choong’s this afternoon, we found out that Bub is growing healthily and weighs 2.6kg now (up 500gm from 2 weeks ago). And yayyyy…my sugar levels are under control too, despite the binge last weekend (shhh…).

At 9 months pregnant:
– Bub’s movements and squirms are so strong they’re ticklish!
– He makes loud, gurgling sounds from inside (definitely not my digestive system)
– As there isn’t much space for Bub to roam around anymore, his feet or knees jut out on my belly very often. When poked, he’ll usually withdraw them quickly.
– Kicking and dislodging his feet from my ribcage is his favourite past time.
– He gets hiccups around three times a day, each lasting around 1 minute, especially after a meal (makes me wonder who’s the one actually eating)
– I feel an intense pressure around my groin, especially when I come up from a sitting/lying/reclining position
– Braxton Hicks (rehearsed contractions) are so much more frequent, intense and painful that it freezes me on the spot whenever it occurs
– The hospital bag is ready to go, with plastic sheets and towels placed in each car (just in case my waters break!)
– I’ve began sipping my coconut drink and Third Trimester Tea

When oh when will my little precious makes his appearance….


4 thoughts on “9 Months & Popping Soon!

  1. melanie

    hi luan luan… i’ve been following ur blog…. vy happy for u that ur precious little one is going to make his debut soon…. take care and wish u smooth delivery….

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