Dogs Can Tweet Too!

This is cool! Thanks to Mattel, dogs can join in the social media craze too! I’ve always wondered what my little furkid does at home alone when we’re both at work and Mattel’s Puppy Tweet definitely helps:

“Puppy Tweets, a high-tech toy that will allow dogs to publicize their everyday activities on Twitter via a sound and motion sensor. Attached to a dog’s collar, the plastic tag randomly generates one of 500 canned tweets when it detects barking or movement and automatically posts an update to Fido’s own Twitter page.”

See more of Puppy Tweets here.

Here’s hoping that this product will hit our shores one day…


2 thoughts on “Dogs Can Tweet Too!

  1. May Yee

    this is interesting… just like bow-lingual from Japan, I am curious what my 4 little monkeys have to say … 😛

    1. joeyllhow

      I guess only we furkid lovers can relate to this 🙂 It’s depressing to see the look on my furkid’s face whenever we leave for work every morning, like as if we’re abandoning him forever. I believe he sleeps most of the time at home. Your monkeys are probably playing and roughing it out with each other ;P

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