Strawberry Milkshake

I chanced upon a recipe on strawberry milkshake in a pregnancy & baby website recently. It looked so easy to prepare that I headed straight to the supermarket to get all 3 ingredients. Who would have thought that such yummy drink is so easy to make? Not only it’s high in calcium and protein, the drink also contains vitamin C – just the perfect nutrition for Bub!

So here’s what we need (besides ounces of motherly love):

100gm fresh strawberries – washed, hulled and placed in freezer for 30 minutes

150ml milk – for healthier option, use low-fat

3 tablespoons of vanilla ice-cream: if you like it sweet, add more but go slow. After all, it’s supposed to be a healthy drink. Any ice-cream brand would do but I personally prefer Haagen Daaz as it’s less sweet, more fragrant and creamier.


1. Blend strawberries in a juicer. Combine milk and mix well.
2. Don’t forget to add in the leftover strawberry bits and puree from juicer.
3. Add in ice-cream and stir until dissolved.
4. Chill it in fridge for a while and….

Voila! Here’s what we’ll get:



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