Heartfelt Thank You!

Bub is a lucky chap, I must say. Even way before his arrival, we have received various gifts in the form of new or pre-loved baby items, cash and kind wishes. Your contributions have helped us to save lots from buying all the necessities for him.

This entry is specially dedicated to those who have thoughtfully and generously put Bub in their hearts:

Thank you to my parents for the playpen

Thank you to my eldest sister for everything – from new baby clothes, hand-me-down apparels, infant car seat, bathtub, bouncing net, toys, nursing bras and more.

Thank you to my second sister for the colourful Fisher Price’s Newborn to Toddler Rocker. I’m sure Bub will enjoy the “vibrating” motion.

Thank you to my eldest brother for Braun’s Thermoscan. Temperature checking is just a button away!

Thank you to my boss, Rekha, for the sturdy and spacious baby cot. After some simple refurbishment, it looks brand new now.

Thank you to our friend, Julia, for the Leap Frog’s Learning Piano toy. It’s so interactive, even we adults love playing it!

Thank you to my bestie, Pelf, for the Chicco toiletries. Thanks to you, Bub will always smell good 🙂

Thank you to another of my bestie, Elizabeth, who bought these cute outfits for Bub, all the way from Adelaide. Can’t wait to take a picture of him wearing it and show it to you!

Thank you to yet another of my bestie, Chiew Theen, for the adorable swaddle from Pumpkin Patch. I’ll make sure Bub uses it on the day we get discharged from the hospital.

Thank you to our next-door neighbour for these Avent bottles.

Thank you to our cousin Ai Ling and my colleagues, Thera and Cheah for the “safe delivery” angpows. I will stay strong and tough!

Lastly, thank you to ALL who have wished us well and prayed for us all these while. Also to those who have selflessly shared pregnancy/baby care tips and advice. Without your kind thoughts and constant care, my journey into pregnancy wouldn’t have been so smooth and enjoyable.



3 thoughts on “Heartfelt Thank You!

  1. Nancy

    I pray that you have a smooth delivery :). Too bad my present for your little bub got lost. Tell little bub that aunt Nancy is going to make up for it when she met him 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Nancy, so sorry I missed you out!! Didn’t mean to, blame the forgetful pregnancy hormones. It’s really your thought that counts. We are all very grateful you’ve gone to that extent to buy Bub a gift as well but I guess someone in the post office is dishonest and took the package instead. Thanks so much again, Nancy!

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