Full Term

Dear Bub,

Well done! You’re officially full-term today and that means, you are fully matured and ready to live your life outside of mommy’s womb oven anytime now. Your diapers are stocked up, onesies are washed and nursery is good to go; we’re finally ready to welcome you into this world.

The past 37 weeks of carrying you were full of ups and downs. Nonetheless, mommy cherished every second of it. Seeing you grow from a tiny pea and tadpole look-alike to a mini, bundled-up ball and finally, a human baby, makes mommy believe in miracles. Hearing your heartbeat puts pregnancy discomforts to shame. Nothing in this world can beat feeling your first kick or hearing your first gurgle. No price can put a value to experiencing your hiccups, wiggles and tickles.

For you to “happen”, daddy and mommy need to be chosen. According to mommy’s former teacher and mentor, Mr Oh, whom mommy fondly calls “Sir”, three criteria are required in order to create you:

1. Mommy and daddy are healthy and fertile
2. Our swimmer and egg meet, and form a “bean”
3. A “life”, which is you, chooses its parents and infuses vitality into the “bean”

For that, we thank you for chancing upon us and choosing us as your parents.

Indeed true, without your presence…

~ I would not have learned about gestational diabetes and started practising a healthier diet
~ I would not have acquired the art of eating less but more frequent to counter pregnancy sicknesses
~ I would not have attained the beauty of empathy, understanding and being more patient
~ I would not have learned so much about the complicacy of caring for and raising a human being
~ I would not have understood what my mom went through to carry me to term
~ I would not have further understood that life isn’t about chasing materials and status, really
~ I would not have appreciated yummy treats as much as I do now. Cold, sweet drinks never looked so tempting! Deprivation makes one yearns for more and I shall treasure my health (and food) more from now on.
~ I would not have acquired new mommy friends such as Aunty Yen, Aunty PG, Aunty May Yee Aunty Jaclyn and Aunty Jenny.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. It makes mommy view life from a whole different perspective. I’m sure motherhood has more to offer and I can’t wait to launch into it. You have brought mommy and daddy closer than ever, and you have helped to bring out the ‘softer’, sweet side of daddy. For that, we will be forever grateful.

Back to business, gosh, when are you coming out?! After the 17th ok? And do give me some cues in advance as I’ll need to get my facial done, hair and make-up complete and eyebrows trimmed – because I’ll be meeting you soon, my little man! (first impression does count!)



2 thoughts on “Full Term

  1. May Yee

    Awwwwwwwww………… tear eyed…. so sweet. Totally agree with you with the change of perspective…

    Facial? I think it is impossible.. I was “kicked out” from the facial shop recently cause they cannot accomodate me sitting (instad of lying flat on my back) for facials…. walked out on the parlour thereafter for retail shopping… Ikea sale…

    1. joeyllhow

      Ahh? How to have your facial done sitting upright? I get my facial done every month without fail throughout pregnancy. The beauty salon I go to always place some towels and pillows so that I can lie comfortably on my side. Let me know if you’re really desperate for a facial, I’ll give you their contact 🙂

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