Counting Down to D-Day

~ Facial…checked!
~ Haircut….checked!
~ Haircut for Daddy and Odee…checked!
~ Air-conditioner for nursery…checked!
~ Coconut drink once a week…checked!
~ Celebrate parents’ 35th wedding anniversary in advance…checked!
~ Tasks handover at work…checked!

It seems that we’re all ready to welcome Bub. I’m 38 weeks 1 day pregnant today. Daddy predicted Bub will come a day earlier than the estimated due date of 28th March while my instincts told me it’s going to be on the 17th, which is this Wednesday!

How accurate are we? The loser will have to wake up for night feeds for a month. We shall wait and see… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Counting Down to D-Day

  1. hey joey, i missed all your other posts. will read them after confinement. just wanna wish you now ALL THE BEST! listen to the midwives and push with all your might.

    your son’s first cries is the best gift ever 🙂

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