True or False?

It’s 5.45am and I’ve been awake since 3am+. Not sure if this is real or false labour; I’ve been having contraction-like discomforts every 6-7 minutes consistently, lasting 40 to 70 seconds each for the past 2 hours. They feel almost similar to the Braxton Hicks I’ve been experiencing for the past few weeks – bunched up tummy, intense pressure on the lower abdomen and occasional pain. The only difference this time around is, the discomfort reaches my back as well. They are still manageable as of now.

We are scheduled to see Dr Choong this afternoon. Should I make my way to the hospital earlier? Is today Bub’s D-day, as my instinct has predicted?

Updated at 7.54pm on 17 March 2010

7.15am: Exhausted from lack of sleep, I texted my colleague that I won’t be coming to work today and went back to bed.

10.00am: Woke up and was surprised to find that I’ve slept through 3 hours! The contractions must have either subsided or I was too tired to be bothered.

2.25pm: Saw Dr Choong and discovered that we’ve been pranked by our unborn son. It was a FALSE LABOUR! I wonder whom he inherited that sense of humour from. Either that, he must have overheard me telling his Daddy the day before, “If we’re still pregnant by this weekend, let’s go have Dim Sum Buffet at West Lake Garden!” and decided to stay in longer.

3.15pm: Case closed and continued my sleep at home.


3 thoughts on “True or False?

  1. I thought mine was false too until it was almost too late… I was already 7cm dilated and in a hell load of pain. Living in a condo and getting to the parking was a nightmare! I delivered in less than an hour once I reached Gleneagles. The nurses were all surprised how I endured all the pain since 4am…

    1. joeyllhow

      Wowww, your pain threshold must be rather high since you could bear the pain until 7cm dilated! After what happened, I asked my gynae how to differentiate between the real thing and false alarm. He asked to come to the hospital anyways once contractions are 5 minutes apart and when the pain becomes really unbearable. Sounds like your labour went pretty fast and smooth ya? Can’t wait to hear all about it in your blog 🙂

      1. seriously by 5 mins apart, the pain can almost kill you. so don’t wait till it is 5! go when it is still bearably unbearable ok. take heed of my painful experience 😛

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