38 Weeks & Still Brewing

Bub says:

Heya! That’s me on ultrasound at 38 weeks 3 days in gestation period. It was also the same day I’ve played a prank on my parents. Practise makes perfect; it’s only wise to test-run mommy’s womb before the big day, isn’t it?

Not denying that my womb hotel is so warm and cosy that I’ve decided to stay in just a little bit longer too. Besides, I overheard mommy telling daddy that they’ll be going for dim sum buffet this weekend. There’s no way I’m going to miss the fun and food!

Oh, I weigh 2.96kg now. Seriously, at the rate mommy has been eating for the past few weeks, what is there to be surprised of? For once since mommy went on a more-vege/fruits-less-sugar diet four months ago, I taste yummy, flavourful treats! Not complaining at all 🙂

According to Dr Choong, everything is good and going well for me. He also checked mommy’s cervix for any signs of dilation. “Just to give you a peace of mind” – he told mommy. And as expected, mommy is not dilated yet.

I’m not telling when I’m making an appearance yet; it’s going to be a surprise for everyone. That’s why it’s called the BIG DAY, isn’t it?


5 thoughts on “38 Weeks & Still Brewing

    1. joeyllhow

      You wanna be his Godmom? Good good, I’ll have someone to teach him about nature and terrapins! Big angpows on his birthdays and CNY too! But why 29th March? That’s a day after his due date and I don’t want him to be overdue (not that I have a say…).

  1. I didn’t even realised I’m having contractions until we were getting ready to go hospital (was supposed to be induced since low amniotic fluid). Then start getting period like cramps, by the time reached hospital is every 5mins and I was only 1cm dilated!

    So how was it like feeling false labour ya?

    1. joeyllhow

      So I should keep in mind that the pain is similar to period cramps. How did false labour feel like? I felt cheated, after staying up and losing sleep over nothing. Really thought he was coming that day 🙂

      1. For me, it feels like mild period cramps, the interval comes right on the dot, by the time its like every 1-2 minutes, the pain becomes unbearable and I start clawing deeper into hubby’s hands and fingers hahaha…

        Don’t feel sad/bad over it. Take it as experience and something to take note of. Remind hubby to remember all the lessons learnt in antenatal class! Remember your breathing exercise (hubby reminded and coached me while I was busy focusing myself elsewhere instead of the pain)

        I’m so excited for you Joey… you’re going to enter a whole new world soon! Trust me no matter how the experience goes about, when you see your baby in your arms… all those pains and sufferings forgotten already.. 😀

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