The Name

Ewan turned 1 week old two days ago. We registered his name and obtained a birth certificate today, in conjunction with my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary.

Meet Ewan Chua Zong Lin 蔡 宗 霖

7 days old Ewan

The name “Ewan”, meaning “youth”, was chosen through compatibility calculation with his date of birth. The irony is, this name did not come across our mind weeks prior to his arrival. Our shortlisted names for him were either Denzel, Keith or Xander.

His Chinese name derived from the calculation of his time and date of birth (also known as “pak chi” in Cantonese). A “banana” (I can speak but not read/write Chinese) myself, mom explained to me that his Chinese name means:

Zong 宗: Ancestral/family lineage
Lin 霖: Overflowing rain in the woods


5 thoughts on “The Name

    1. Tsks tsks, yalar I ‘rugi’ coz carried him for 9 months but he looks exactly like his daddy. The only part he has gotten from me so far is his character – impatient. No such thing as latching on properly first or waiting for his milk to be warmed up 🙂

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