Worth The Labour

I contemplated for a while whether to share my labour experience here as I do not want to frighten my other mommy-to-be friends (eg. Yen, Jesslyn, BQ & May Yee). Any childbirth experience, regardless of how easy or difficult, is worth every effort. Hence, this post should be read with an open perspective, bearing in mind that:

1. Every woman goes through a different labour experience
2. Every woman has a different pain threshold (mine is embarrasingly low)
3. My experience should not deter you from having a birthplan as knowing your options and being prepared is always better than not.

He’s such a joy to stare at. He makes every single pain and stress endured during labour worth it. He’s our precious little Ewan.

It has been 9 days since Ewan was born and we’re still feeling the elation of his arrival, coupled with the anxiety of being new parents. I went through 34 hour of labour in total, timed from the very first contraction. Although not everything went as planned and as I’ve hoped/prayed for, we’re very glad to have done our “homework” and grateful that he’s safe and sound now.

This is a continuation of what happened after my last post dated 20 March 2010:

5.30pm ~ Contraction sped up to every 7 minutes. I took a shower, did a final check on my hospital list and made our way to hospital

6.30pm ~ Checked into our delivery suite. Contraction pain became more and more intense. I was only 1cm dilated 😦

I could still afford a smile then

7.30pm ~ I kept myself mobile, worked with gravity and handled the contractions one at a time by sitting astride a chair or leaning against a wall/my hubby.

9.00pm ~ On the verge of giving up and asked about other birth options. A very motherly nurse sat me down and encouraged me to keep persevering.

12.30am ~ Half way there, I was only 5cm dilated. Couldn’t bear the pain anymore. My body shivered uncontrollably and became numb from intense breathing. Tried Ethonox (50% oxygen, 50% laughing gas) and got woozy and weak; almost collapsed on the way to the toilet.

12.40am ~ Was asked by nurse to lie on the bed to check baby’s condition. Was reluctant because I knew the pain would be traumatic if I lie down. Gave in and endured the worst pain ever.

12.45am ~ Dr Choong checked on my progress. Knowing that this is my highest limit for pain, he ordered epidural at my request.

1.00am ~ Given epidural, calmed down and was knocked out from exhaustion. Epidural took effect; I felt numbness on the lower half of my body.

7.00am ~ Labour slowed down, dilation reached 8cm only in 7 hours. Began to feel contraction pain again and was administered with a higher dosage of epidural.

11.30am ~ 9cm dilated, 1 more cm to go. Felt nauseous from the effects of epidural; couldn’t eat or drink much.

3.00pm ~ The final leg, fully dilated to 10cm! Got ready to push. Dr Choong granted my wish to deliver sitting as upright as possible. With hubby as my cheerleader (he’s wonderful!), I began “pushing”. Vomited in between a push. After 7 – 8 times of trying, Ewan began to “crown”. Minutes later, he emerged.

The defining moment

I couldn’t hold back the tears of joy when my son was finally in my arms. He’s the most handsome baby I could ever ask for. We’re very blessed.


10 thoughts on “Worth The Labour

    1. joeyllhow

      It was tough but I madeit through! If I could turn back time, I would probably not give in to lying down and insisted on keeping mobile because that was the main turning point for me. Or else, I would have probably endured further and who knows, delivered without any help from pain relief.

    1. joeyllhow

      Yen, for all you know, you’ll probably deliver within 3 – 4 hours. I’ll pray for you that everything goes smooth, fast and easy for you. My hubby took some horrible-looking pics of me during labour but of course, they went through some “censorship board” and were not approved to be used here πŸ™‚

      1. Yen

        I am keeping my fingers crossed it will be an easy labour! I told hubby no taking pictures during the labour. If I still look presentable after labour, maybe.

  1. May Yee

    Congratulatrions!!! πŸ˜€ Happy Happy for you! You look lovely before and after delivering!

    I still have 9 more weeks to go….. wonder how it will go…

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