Challenging Beginning

Our darling Ewan developed some health complications when he was born and stayed in the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) for 5 nights. I do not want to go into details here as the thought and memories of the episode still aches my heart. Throughout the ordeal, we commuted to/fro hospital everyday to visit, spent time and supplied him with my breastmilk. It was one of the most challenging times for me – recovering from childbirth and suffering from terrible hemmorhoids as well as pain from stitches down under. I’m glad we went through it with courage. My darling hubby was with me every step of the way.

Ewan in NICU
Taken away from us shortly after birth, we were only allowed to hold and enjoy Ewan 3 days later

According to the nurses at NICU, Ewan is a strong and loud baby, making the most noise in the nursery. We were lucky to have met caring doctors and hospital staff throughout this challenging period.

Finally going home! With nurses who took care of him
With Dr Choong Kuo Hsiang, the caring and dedicated gynae who brought Ewan to this world safely
Ewan with Dr Foo Wang Leng, the friendly and pretty paeditrician who brought him back to pink health

Although not a start we have hoped for Ewan, we believe his future is full of good things now that he’s all tried and tested! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Challenging Beginning

  1. melanie

    hi luan luan…. as i read this entry and the entry before this, i could really feel your strength, courage and determination, most of all ur love as mother to baby Ewan…. he’s blessed to have you n ur hubby as his parents…. now that the episode has passed, i’m sure baby Ewan will grow up strong and have many good things coming his way….. keep up the good job!!!

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Melanie, thanks for the encouragement. That period was no doubt very challenging for me; I cried and broke down a lot. We’re very glad it has passed and now hoping for the best. Thanks again :))

  2. melanie

    ya, a challeging start would be difficult for any mother, especially first-time mother…. you passed the hurdle with courage, i believe from now on, ur tears would only be tears of joy and happiness with ur lovely baby Ewan….

  3. Rinmay

    Glad that everything turned out fine… Its now time to be happy and enjoy the journey of motherhood… 🙂 Do take care of yourself too.
    p/s Ewan is just so blessed to have such great parents!

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