My Furkid & Son

Contrary to what most people thought – that my furkid Odee will have a hard time accepting a new addition to the family after being pampered and dotted on by us for two years – Odee welcomes Ewan with an open heart. Days before Ewan returned home, we brought his dirty diapers for Odee to sniff on and get accustomed to.

On the day Ewan came home, Odee wagged his tail, sniffed and tried to lick his head.

Odee taking a peep at Ewan who is asleep in the cot

He’s a protective “brother”. We often found him guarding the room where Ewan sleeps, and sometimes underneath the bed inside the room. There were also several occasions when Ewan woke up and Odee tried to get our attention while we were in the living room. He also doesn’t make a fuss whenever his baby brother cries and screams.

Odee is a tired dog by night these days because of the new responsibilities he took upon himself willingly.

Sitting on Daddy's lap and enjoying the sight of Ewan

We’re super proud of our furkid!


7 thoughts on “My Furkid & Son

  1. May Yee

    Odee is adorable!! Yes will do the same whne Sophie is out.. will bring her soiled diapers for the 4 monkeys to sniff so that they know…. thanks for sharing! 😀

  2. Shaniz

    I’m so envious of your situation. I had to let other people adopt my Cosmo that I’ve had for over two years. She was our baby and used to sleep with us on our bed, even when I was pregnant. But with the baby around, she couldn’t calm down ever and it was a very, very tough decision to make. We miss her so much. Plus, her fur was getting on everything in the house.
    You must be very proud of Odee. He’s such a good dog. Give him lots of treats and kisses.

    1. joeyllhow

      Shaniz, sad to know that you had to find Cosmo another home. I know that if given a choice, you wouldn’t have done that. Mind sharing how Cosmo reacted to Allyson’s presence?

  3. jesslyn

    Joey, my company also give me the fisher price rocker….exactly same with yr little boy one, Issit ok to use for the new born?

    1. joeyllhow

      Jesslyn, congrats on your baby girl! Yes, the rocker is for newborn to toddler, meaning there are several reclining levels to suit each stage. Ewan loves this rocker, even sleeps in it at night. Though I don’t really approve of him sleeping in this in the long run, for now, if he’s happy, I’m happy too.

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